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I'm joining Service Space because ... is a vortex for kindness and generosity. Hope to be of service :-)

A good day to me is when ... I wake up near loved ones

My hero in life is ...all kind people...small and large acts of kindness

My favorite book is ...not one but many..all the ones that make me laugh, bring knowledge, awaken my mind & spirit

One thing I'm grateful for is ... My family & friends' love; specially- my husband. So blessed with all the great hugs, laughter and care.

Bonnie Rose: Beyond Impermanence

Mar 27, 2020, 1 comments, 10 smiles [Below are Bonnie's reflections from our "How Does A Heart Of Service Respond?" conversation last week.] It's so great to see everybody -- so many familiar faces and some new faces that I haven't seen yet. And like Reverend Heng Sure, I am a preacher, so just, you know, virtually slap me or wave if I go on too long. I'll do my best to keep it short though. So in listening to all of you speak, one of the things that struck me was an earlier statement about ordinary people becoming sacred and then Preeta referenced it later. And what struck me about that is that it seems to me like it's not only ordinary people becoming sacred, but it's sacred people becoming ordinary, as well, at the same time. And it's like sacred people becoming ordinary, to me, means that we're being drawn down into our commonality and into our ... Read Full Story

Tilden Park Kindness Day In Berkeley

Nov 10, 2019, 1 comments, 21 smiles Today, Sunday, we began our day spreading kindness at a hike near Lake Anza in Tilden Park with Tim Huang, Tim’s mom visiting from Long Beach (California), my sweetie Anand, and new to Oakland and Awakin Circles “Sneha” (also Tim’s Stanford Univ friend). Tim’s happy ukulele and him singing “good morning, you are all loved” at the Ashby BART Station perk up our hearts with pure joy & laughter. Lake Anza's gleaming beauty and fall colors welcomed Tim, Tim’s mom and Sneha for the first time in their lives. It was a gorgeous Fall Day. The fun-kindness signs made by Tim’s mom and Sneha, spread joy to over 40 humans ( including joggers, mountain bikers, and hikers of all ages) and 15 dogs. Majestic redwood trees surrounded the path so WE had to hug one…it took 4 of us stretching our arms out to hug Mrs. Redwood. Families' energies shifted to laughter and ... Read Full Story

Karma Kitchen Reflections From Coordinators

Nov 17, 2018, 2 comments, 9 smiles Recently, a journalist wrote with some questions about Karma Kitchen. A bunch of volunteers reflected on them -- and here's a few of the many inspired reflections it spurred, from KK coordinators around the globe -- in Poland, India, Romania, Japan, Austria, Michigan, California, and beyond! What inspires you personally about volunteering at Karma Kitchen? "Karma Kitchen really appears to me as an expedient means to unfold people's inherent human qualities." [Jasky, Poland/France] "The field, that is created - when volunteers come together for an agenda-less service, when volunteers lead with love, when the focus is on the process and not the outcome, the unfolding of magic when everyone is leading with intrinsic motivation to serve.:) this field draws me to karma kitchen to volunteer. It may be physically tiring but mentally very soothing and joyous experience for me. Every Karma kitchen will create enough stories of micro-moments of transformation, deep relationships, love ... Read Full Story

At The Intersection Of Kindness Ave & Joyous Way! :)

Oct 02, 2018, 5 comments, 24 smiles Last Friday, a crew of us convened a couple hours north of San Francisco, at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, for Kindness Circles with the Girls and Boys Schools -- which are literally named the Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue Schools (IGDVS)! By the intersection of Kindness Ave and Joyous Way (yes, their streets are really named that :)) -- we pulled up around 7:30 AM to one of the buildings of the Girls' School. One student was already there setting up a projector, as we unloaded various materials and goodies for the circle -- including tasty treats that Sandy, Helen, and Helen's daughter Ellie had spent hours baking the day before! As we set up, the students filed in -- bright smiles on their faces, recognizing some of us from previous visits. We circled up, and began with a minute of silence -- which Audrey framed as just "taking a minute ... Read Full Story

Sometimes It Takes Nine Years

Mar 01, 2018, 4 comments, 18 smiles [Last Sunday, during the opening circle of Karma Kitchen volunteer orientation, an unsuspecting guest lingered around the periphery. It was our head Chef, Dhruva. "Would you have a few minutes to join us?" He sat and heard everyone's introductions and stories. At one piont, he tells us, "Actually, can I share a story?" Below is what he shared.] I've been connected to Karma Kitchen for 9 years. I know exactly, because my son was in 2nd grade when Karma Kitchen started. I always wanted to engage my son in such service, but he wasn't very fond of Karma Kitchen. It took away his father for two hours, on his favorite play day -- Sunday! Years went by. I kept volunteering on Sundays, and my son kept growing older. Last summer, I needed a little help with the restaurant so I asked him to spend some of his days working with me. One fine day, we ... Read Full Story