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Abundance From An NVC Perspective

Jun 09, 2017, 2 smiles Couple weeks back, one of our Spring Laddership Circle fellows, Cleona, shared this thoughtful insight on abundance:   The NVC (nonviolent communication) viewpoint of abundance is very inspiring and liberating. I heard NVC trainer Francois Beausoleil (in his audio course with Jeff Brown on “Integrating NVC and Abundance Consciousness”) state that “abundance is having the experience or carrying in a somehow integrated, consistent way the awareness of having access to power. Power here is the ability to mobilise resources to meet needs. Being in a state of abundance, the way we see it, might not change the conditions of our life but will have a profound affect on how we interact with the world. We also see abundance as a viewpoint and you have a certain degree of choice in embodying this viewpoint; we also believe that embodying this viewpoint even without outer changes will considerably increase our sense of well-being as well as increasing chances of needs being met through our presence and actions in the world”.  

Infusing Yoga 'careers' With Love And Service :)

Jan 18, 2017, 1 comments, 18 smiles I've been continually humbled by small experiments in holding space for labors-of-love at our yoga shala. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to broaden the shala's reach by sharing my experience with a group of recent graduates of yoga teacher training programs.  I facilitated a workshop at the Yoga Seed Collective in Sacramento on 'Incubation, Design, and Manifestation of a Labor-of-Love project'. I started with a presentation about the shala and how we do our best to lead with values. That sparked a lively discussion, and from there, we broke into small groups to study three key concepts-- creative constraints, design, and multiple forms of capital (all materials found through the ServiceSpace ecosystem).  Then we had time for a personal deep dive, filling out an extensive canvas-style worksheet, partner sharing, and group brainstorming.  I think everyone got a lot out of it!  I certainly did :)  I'm thinking of doing it again ... Read Full Story

The Shala Turns One!

Sep 15, 2016, 9 comments, 26 smiles Dear ones, I wanted to share some ripples that have been flowing at the shala, inspired by our weekend together.  Last weekend, we celebrated our first birthday with a led class, gratitude circle, and potluck. It was a beautiful gathering and the circle was filled with vulnerable and courageous shares, laughter, tears, and love. One of our students shared the struggle of cultivating compassion while caring for her 96 year old parents and simultaneously reveling in the joy of her young daughter. Another shared how the shala has been a respite for her over the summer after a challenging first year in college. Many students shared lessons of patience, listening, and surrender, and I shared the profound experience of witnessing my fears about motherhood wash away after seeing one of our students through her whole pregnancy and then meeting her baby. The power of community emerged as a central theme, and gratitude ... Read Full Story

SS Internship Week 5 Recap!

Jul 07, 2016, 3 smiles Energy! This week, we took a deep dive into what inspires, motivates, and strengthens us to live our values. Our call began with a genuine ‘How are you?’ by Pranidhi. Feeling inspired by how everyone practiced intentional listening throughout the week, she wanted to offer the opportunity to be listened to. One of the gems from this round of sharing was Amit’s story of accidentally dinging another car while opening his door. He was going back and forth trying to decide what to do and ultimately chose to leave a note on the other person’s car with all his information. Noticing competing voices in his mind, he cleared the noise within, stepped into the other person’s shoes, and found that it actually took more energy NOT to do the right thing. Weighing all the options, excuses, and rationales was a big energy expenditure. Once he left the note, he actually ... Read Full Story

ServiceSpace Internship: Week 4 Recap!

Jun 30, 2016, 6 smiles Completing four weeks of our summer youth internship, this week’s theme of wisdom was a lot to chew on! One of the most striking things about our written reflections this week was that almost all of us quoted the wise words of others- elders, poets, mentors, etc. This display of humility and willingness to learn shows us that though we may not have all the answers on how to be wise, perhaps we are on the right track ;) Amit began our circle of sharing this week with a story about his reaction to his daughter breaking her leg (she is fine now and in a super cute cast!). He found that his immediate reaction was one of placing blame and forgetting to show compassion to his wife as well as his daughter. After some reflection, he course-corrected by reassuring his wife that she was not at fault. This type of ... Read Full Story

Our Interns Dive Into Week 3: On Simplicity!

Jun 24, 2016, 1 comments, 12 smiles Already into the third week of our summer internship, we've dived into topics from Generosity to last week's Moral Action to this week's theme of "Simplicity"! Amit started us off with a touching story about meeting a couple this weekend who had just been at a funeral for one of the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando. What’s more, Amit met the couple at a wedding. As they talked openly about how to keep love alive amidst such tragedy, Amit rushed off to get two heart pins made by the children at Manav Sadhna. As he gifted them to the couple, they were filled with tears and everyone involved shared a beautiful connection. Jacob embarked on a social media cleanse this week, and though it wasn’t enjoyable, he did find it interesting. He found that habitual behavior patterns (like checking Instagram) were difficult to break because they’ve become so wired into ... Read Full Story