About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... generosity at the heart of a new social paradigm is the way forward. When each of us come together and act from a space of "what can I do for you?' the transformations are absolutely beautiful and service space is at the center of that happening.

A good day to me is when ... everything flows effortlessly, universal synchronicity is at work, and there is magic in the small everyday moments.

My hero in life is ...my grandmother who was a fearless love warrior and broke down barriers in what it meant to be generous.

My favorite book is ...Incredible Me (a children's book with 10 simple ways to be mindful and choose happiness)

One thing I'm grateful for is ... my daughter who is one of my biggest teachers and shows me every day how to be present and that any situation can be greeted with a smile and lightness.

I Recently Was Invited To Speak ...

Nov 18, 2015, 3 comments, 13 smiles I recently was invited to speak at the Middle East Retail Forum on the marketing panel with a focus on customer experience. Surrounded by several of the retail giant marketing reps from the region and beyond, I listened carefully to the 8 plus speakers before me. On coming around to me... I realized that the space called to speak about love. I asked the audience to recall an experience where ---- what they do for love is far greater than what they do for greed - be it our families, friends, causes we love or celebrities we follow - we all seemed to understand organically that love motivated us far deeper than greed. I shared some examples of our own experiments in the community be it from Karma Kitchen or Letters of Love to strangers and how as businesses we could love so deeply so as to remove ... Read Full Story

This One Is For Zilong :-))) ...

Nov 01, 2015, 4 comments, 19 smiles This one is for Zilong :-))) One of the cookie monsters from my tribe.... Munch Munch

Experiment In Being Love

Sep 03, 2015, 5 comments, 23 smiles When completing the Laddership circle with Service space what emerged in the last reflection circle was my commitment to give a gift back in gratitude for the elevation in being that I had received. The only way to articulate that was to share that I would embark on a 6 month experiment in BEING LOVE.... and oh what miracles have appeared daily. Yesterday I was caught off guard meeting our angel investor who stopped by to say hello. As I sat there honoring my experiment of being love (holding a space of simply being love and allowing life to emerge from that space around me and give myself completely to that flow) I sat and smiled silently at our investor whereas usually I would have paraded into a conversation defending our current status, sharing our projections etc etc. He then shared that recently we haven't hit the milestones that we should ... Read Full Story


Aug 10, 2015, 4 comments, 19 smiles HAPPY WEDNESDAY MUFFIN: We were invited to design for generosity within our laddership course and at Injoy Giving we decided to play doorman at the entrance of our building and welcome people to work with a home baked chocolate muffin and a smile card to invite them to carry the practise forward. We were surprised with big smiles, some strange looks as two girls thought they had to pay for muffins and slowly wondered back from the elevators as they realized the muffins were gifts given freely. Lastly some tenants wanted to renew their leases to the building right away if we were there as a weekly treat. Some couldn't believe they were in Dubai (does this really happen?). We laughed till our cheeks hurt and had an awesome day redesigning a daily ritual for generosity and within the unexpected space of the elevator hallway!