About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I feel the call. I love what Service Space is doing with pay it forward ecology.

A good day to me is when ... I stay in Light.

My hero in life is ...My Hawaiian Grandfather

My favorite book is ...Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

One thing I'm grateful for is ... being a father.

Master Mingtong Gu: Wisdom Healing & Demonstration From

Aug 02, 2020, 2 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Master Mingtong Gu: Wisdom Healing & Demonstration From The Qigong MasterReflection questions: How do you cultivate and connect with your life's energy? What daily practices support you?

Danish Kurani: Creating Transformative Physical Spaces

Jul 15, 2020 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Danish Kurani: Creating Transformative Physical Spaces For Learning And Human FlourishingReflection questions: How does the physical space in which you work affect the nature of the internal emotional, developmental, and spiritual space you experience?

Living In Mystery With Sue Cochrane And Kozo Hattori

Jul 11, 2020, 3 comments, 5 smiles Dear Beloved Service Space Community, I wanted to invite you to an intimate circle around living in mystery that Sue Cochrane and I are hosting. Sue and I have been in dialogue about our healing journeys with cancer. Lately, some new developments have surfaced that have put both of us at the crossroads of uncertainty. We will explore this crossroad and how we are navigating it, then invite members from the community to share on how this relationship with the unknown is manifesting in their own lives, and what is being revealed in the process. Feel free to join us tomorrow July 12th at 9 am Pacific for part or all of this 2 hour circle. With Aloha, Kozo

Activating Your Inner Healing System With Prakash

Jul 01, 2020, 3 smiles Dear Friends, We are excited to invite you to participate in a three-part workshop with Prakash Shellikeri--a man who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer six years ago after the loss of his wife to cancer in 2011. Although Prakash was given a very stark prognosis, he knew that deep healing was possible through holistic practices that had helped his wife on her cancer journey. After much research and experimentation (Prakash is a trained engineer with a strong science background), he activated the inner healing system of his body using a combination of holistic approaches including Mind Body Sound Resonance Technique. Over the years he has worked with people with a wide range of conditions, including cancer, Parkinsons, autoimmune diseases and more. It gives him immense joy to help others tap into their own inner healer. Prakash has generously offered to share his approach to holistic healing, and related practices with ... Read Full Story

Nuggets From Jolanda Van Den Berg's Call

Jun 28, 2020, 1 comments, 7 smiles Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Jolanda van den Berg. Jolanda van den Berg defies the conventional labels our world has to offer. Her work over 25 years has transformed the lives of thousands of put-at-risk children in Peru. She has created a series of boutique hotels, and offers private 1:1 sessions with people struggling with various life challenges. By some definitions, she might be dubbed a philanthropist, a social entrepreneur, a life coach, or even a mystic. But Jolanda's expansive life resists reductive titles. After swimming with the dolphins in Iquitos in 1995, Jolanda flew back to the Netherlands. Six months later she was in back in Cusco—after having quit her job and sold her possessions. She had no concrete plan, little money, and spoke no Spanish. But her resolve was clear—if she could help even a single child, that was enough. Twenty-four years later Jolanda and the organization she founded have transformed the lives ... Read Full Story

Jolanda Van Den Berg: We Are Each Other.

Jun 24, 2020, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Jolanda Van Den Berg: We Are Each Other. Reflection questions: 25 years ago Jolanda ven den Berg moved from Holland to Peru with little money, no plan and a burning determination to serve the children on the street who had captured her heart. Today her foundation has transformed the lives of thousands of children through an innovative series of initiatives designed to restore their sense of dignity. Have you ever followed an improbable dream based on a deeper knowing of the heart? Where did it take you?

Nuggets From Leslie Booker's Call

Jun 21, 2020, 1 smiles Last Saturday, the remarkable sujatha baliga and I had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Leslie Booker. Known as “Booker”, Leslie Booker brings wisdom and compassion to the intersection of social justice, yoga and mindfulness. An activist who spent more than a decade on the front lines of the criminal justice system, Booker is a mindfulness/movement teacher, trainer, writer, and consultant. She inspires others to find a sense of liberation within a world burdened by greed, hatred and delusion. Booker began sharing her practice in 2005 with incarcerated and vulnerable youth ages 12-15. “It’s heartbreaking to see another generation of People of Color starting their lives behind bars and feeling stuck there, like it’s where they’re supposed to be," Booker said. "But I knew that it was something I needed to do." In that setting, Booker re-embraced love and compassion, seeing that “these [master's] tools that we’ve been shown of fear and hatred and ... Read Full Story

Nuggets From Ariel Burger & Cleary Vaughan-Lee's Call

Jun 15, 2020, 2 smiles Last Wednesday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Ariel Burger & Cleary Vaughan-Lee. How do stories shape what we witness, and how does witnessing shape the stories we live by? What do we need to "unlearn" to become a powerful witness? Join us in conversation with Rabbi Ariel Burger and Cleary Vaughan-Lee about the power of being a witness in these tumultuous times. Rabbi Burger is the founding director of The Witness Institute, a new project inspired by the life and legacy of Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to empower emerging leaders. His mission "is to help counter superficiality with nuance, to replace estrangement with encounter, and to empower people to be creative and kind citizens of the world." Cleary Vaughan-Lee is executive director of the Global Oneness Project, a free multimedia education platform which provides award-winning films, photography, and essays with companion curricula for classrooms, in order to ... Read Full Story

Nuggets From Ghiora Aharoni's Call

Jun 12, 2020, 1 smiles Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Ghiora Aharoni. Ghiora Aharoni is an artist and designer whose work is centrally premised on humankind’s interconnected existence, as well as a nonlinear concept of time. His work is in the permanent collection of the Pompidou Center in Paris, The Vatican Library in Rome, The Beit Hatfutsot Museum in Tel Aviv, The Kiran Nadar Museum in New Delhi and the Morgan Library & Museum in New York—as well as numerous private collections around the world. Aharoni’s own faith is foundational to his creativity, but his explorations are not limited to any one religious belief, culture or medium. His artwork frequently expresses an interest in exploring the intersection of religion and science, and the intertwined relationships of seemingly disparate cultures. Much of his work involves cultural artifacts or sacred texts that have been recontextualized, asking the viewer to question or reconsider ... Read Full Story

Ariel Burger & Cleary Vaughan-Lee: Becoming A Witness

Jun 04, 2020, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Ariel Burger & Cleary Vaughan-Lee: Becoming A WitnessReflection questions: What are you witnessing in these tumultuous times, and how does that act of witnessing transform you and also shift what you may be witnessing?