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I'm joining Service Space because ... I feel the call. I love what Service Space is doing with pay it forward ecology.

A good day to me is when ... I stay in Light.

My hero in life is ...My Hawaiian Grandfather

My favorite book is ...Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

One thing I'm grateful for is ... being a father.

Nuggets From Jessica Roach's Call

Nov 04, 2018, 6 smiles Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Jessica Roach. Jessica Roach is the Co-founder of Restoring Our Own Through Transformation (ROOTT), a nonprofit providing community-based maternal-child health and birthing support in Columbus, Ohio. Roach's family stories reflect the communal birthing tradition that's rooted deeply in black history. Her great-grandmother was a healer who assisted local women in childbirth in an area of Irondale, Ohio, before women of color were admitted to hospitals. Roach came to appreciate the vital role her great-grandmother played in supporting the community only later -- after Jessica had her own varied experiences with childbirth, became a nurse, and embraced similar healing practices. ROOTT, a Black women-led reproductive justice organization, offers affordable doula services, healthcare provider trainings, and consultation to meet their clients' environmental stresses and to address the staggering infant mortality rates in the African American community. We'll post the transcript of the call ... Read Full Story

Jessica Roach: Midwifing A New Reality For Black

Oct 31, 2018, 1 comments, 5 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Jessica Roach: Midwifing A New Reality For Black MothersReflection questions: What new realities are you helping birth in your own life and in the life of your community?

Clare Dubois: Toward A Nature-Based Feminine

Jan 24, 2018, 3 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Clare Dubois: Toward A Nature-Based Feminine ConsciousnessReflection questions: What does feminine consciousness mean to you, and how can tapping into feminine energy help address planetary crises?

Paying It Forward Humbly

Dec 25, 2017, 3 comments, 13 smiles Dear Service Space Community, On this holy day, I can't help but think that I might not be here today if it weren't for all the blessings and support I received from this ecosphere. I can never pay back the kindness I received during my healing journey, but I will continue to try and pay it forward. On that note, I would like to offer anyone and everyone a copy of the book I just published about the healing grace of cancer. Please share this link with anyone who might be served by this humble offering. Click here for a free copy. The book will be free for the next five days starting on Christmas. Thank you all for all you have done visibly and invisibly for me and my family these past few years. I love you all. With Aloha, Makala Kozo Hattori

Sharyle Patton: Understanding Our Chemical Burden

Dec 06, 2017, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Sharyle Patton: Understanding Our Chemical BurdenReflection questions: Our guest this week helps spread awareness about the toxic chemicals in our communities' landscapes -- chemicals that make their way into our bodies. What tools (inner and outer) do you have to be aware of the exchange of particles inside and outside of our bodies, and to address the toxicity within yourself?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Nov 28, 2017, 2 comments, 24 smiles After four years, I'm still in awe of ServiceSpace. Not casual, leisure-time awe, but jaw-to-the-floor, rock-your-world awe. This weekend, my son, Jett, and I went to Karma Kitchen. Jett loves Karma Kitchen even though it is an hour drive each way on a Sunday when he could be playing video games. I have a feeling that he thrives off the energy and smiles, but he also really likes the food. :) After making the rounds of hugs from Joserra, Richard, Audrey, Fab, Sangeeta, Maya, and so many others, we sat down to eat. Samantha, our server, was so calm and smooth that it settled Jett down when he was starving. While stuffing himself with buttered naan, Jett asked, "Dad, does this restaurant serves the same food when it is not Karma Kitchen and charge for it?" "Yes, son, it is called Taste of the Himalayans," I replied. "How much does it cost to eat ... Read Full Story

Rick Hanson: Hardwiring Happiness--Being More

Nov 01, 2017 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Rick Hanson: Hardwiring Happiness--Being More CompassionateReflection questions: Our guest this week has researched and written extensively on how to turn passing experiences into a resilient happiness hardwired into your brain. What techniques or practices have you utilized to hardwire your brain for happiness?

The Kin In Awakin

Sep 07, 2017, 8 comments, 38 smiles Last night at Awakin Circle Santa Clara, the Awakin Reading was a poem by Parag Shah for his sister. I don't have any sisters, but the first person who came to mind was Pavi. Pavi is my sister because she treats me like a brother--looking out for me, checking in on me, sending me prayers and blessings, and sharing sympathic joy or compassion with what I am experiencing. Then I realized I had other sisters. Guri is my older sister. She is firm in her insistence that I take care of myself. Trishna called me from London when I was having a real tough time in Hawaii during my illness. It was like we suddenly became family. Audrey is like a cute younger sister. She brings so much joy into our family. It felt wonderful to think about all the sisters that I now have even though I come from a family ... Read Full Story

Clair Brown: How Would Buddha Teach Economics?

Jul 13, 2017, 1 comments, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Clair Brown: How Would Buddha Teach Economics?Reflection questions: Our guest this week believes that mainstream economics is founded on the misguided notion that more consumption is better, and that more and more material wealth leads to well-being in all circumstances. What are the most salient factors contributing to your personal well-being?

Breaking Up A Fight Between My Two Sons

Mar 10, 2017, 5 comments, 19 smiles [Below was my opening for last Wednesday's Awakin Circle in Santa Clara.] I'm just amazed at the timing of these Awakin Readings for me. Just the other week, I had a similar experience of encountering aggression. I walked into my son's room and my older son had hit (or poked or something) my younger son and my younger son was screaming and crying. I ran in there, held my younger son and I yelled at my older son, "What are you doing? How many times did I tell you you don't hit people?" He was like, "He was antagonizing me." (He's got all these fancy vocabulary words for the ways people torture him.) I said, "No matter what he did, you can't hit him!" I was almost in a fighter mode, ready to hit him myself. I didn't do that, but I had that energy like, "You do that again and you're ... Read Full Story