About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I'm retired now, live a simple life, and wish to give back for all the years that life gave to me.

A good day to me is when ... I'm able to reach out beyond myself, if even for a moment.

My hero in life is ...The Buddha

My favorite book is ...The Center Within, by Gyomay Kubose

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Friendship, a source of nourishment that I too-often overlook or take for granted.

On The Periphery

Mar 15, 2015, 7 smiles "Our challenge is to open the mind so it can catch up with reality." In the course of listening closely to Otto Scharmer's Awakin call while transcribing it, I heard this startling observation from him. That sums up exactly the dilemmas we occasionally find ourselves in, personally and collectively. Why do we or others around us sometimes seem to fall behind in the perception of reality? Perhaps because we're privileged, or because we become deeply embedded in the social system. As Dr. Scharmer himself said during his call, "...the future never shows up in the center first. The future shows up at the periphery first." Hearing it put so succinctly really brought it home.

Staying Optimistic

Mar 03, 2015, 9 smiles Elisabet Sahtouris, Feb. 28's Awakin Call speaker, had some pretty tough and challenging words to say about our future as a result of global warming,. Yet she retains her optimism in spite of that, which is inspiring. During the course of her talk, she said this, which is something I should print out and put up on my refrigerator: "You have so much more fun as an optimist than as a pessimist. You just debilitate yourself if you're a pessimist, and if you're an optimist you'll do something"

Not Just "Just"...

Feb 17, 2015, 1 comments, 12 smiles Having transcribed Garth Gilchrist's Awakin Call, I had the gift of a close-up acquaintance with this inspiring discussion between Garth, Deven, Nicole, and many callers. There was a lot to take inspiration from, but what particularly stuck with me were the poems -- by Wendell Berry, Garth himself, and Mindyjourney. It was like coming upon a brook in the woods, refreshing and bracing. I was also taken by Garth's meditation on the word "just." Too often, he pointed out, we describe something as "just" this or "just" that -- "just" a sparrow or "just" a roadside flower -- which ends up minimizing that beautiful thing and our experience of it. I see that in other areas of life, too.... Emotions are "just" chemical reactions, and so on. Garth has inspired me to watch out for that word "just." I have gratitude for having been able to listen.

Passion And Commitment

Jan 18, 2015, 6 comments, 13 smiles Transcribing yesterday's (Jan. 17) Awakin call on the 21-Day Challenge today, I was blown away by all the passion and commitment of everybody involved. I'm thinking of the callers themselves, who contributed their experiences about simplifying their lives. I'm also thinking about Amit and Birju who moderated the event, all the people who helped them organize it, and everybody who worked to start up and keep the 21-Day Challenge itself going. KindSpring, wow! There's nothing like listening to the call a second time to really get a sense of the effort that went into it. As the newbie on ServiceSpace and Awakin, it really struck me how much love and good work goes on here. Big feeling of gratitude! So glad I came to be a part of this! 

Simplicity Through Doing

Jan 14, 2015, 3 comments, 10 smiles Hi, Everyone. This is my first post since I signed on as scribe. I thought I’d share my reflections on “Simplicity,” the Awakin Call topic this Saturday (Jan. 17). I also posted something much like this on the “topic page.” I’m a newbie; forgive me if haven’t gotten the hang of the protocol or lingo yet. My Reflection Before retiring I worked in a high-stress job, over-scheduled myself, and was busy from the moment I got up in the morning to the moment I fell into bed. I vowed to myself that someday I’d simplify my life. And I did. With a vengeance. I retired early and, after a period of aimless but harmless hedonism, I stripped my life of volunteer obligations, withdrew from my friends, and focused, through meditation, on my inner world. I had reached a point where my life was as simple as I thought it could be. But ... Read Full Story