About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I, as President of Mothers Trust Ashram in Ganges, want to be part of a global community, as www.motherstrust.org

A good day to me is when ... I see God looking back at me in humanity

My hero in life is ...St Francis, St Clare, Mother Teresa, Ghandhi and all the Survivors of abuse, injustice, discrimination and violence

My favorite book is .....yet to be written.

One thing I'm grateful for is ... being an instrument and legal advocate to stop abuse, neglect and suffering with courage, skill, love and compassion.

Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, ...

Dec 18, 2014, 1 smiles Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple was founded on the firm conviction that truth and holiness are not the exclusive property of any race, culture, or faith tradition, and that women and men of the most exalted character are to be found in every spiritual tradition and culture. Impelled by this ideal, the Founders were determined to create a welcoming forum, where every spiritual tradition might share its treasures. Such sharing we have learned, has the effect of enhancing and enriching one's own belief's, rather than supplanting them. Interfaith study and dialogue embraces differences and the common ground of human dignity and spirit. Each one of us have a special responsibility. It is not enough to believe in our own traditions. We must educate ourselves of the beliefs of others, for the healing and nurturing of ourselves, our families and our communities, as a way to ... Read Full Story