About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I am inspired by the community of compassion, and service through inner transformation

A good day to me is when ... I have felt and acted in accord with the goodness of humanity

My hero in life is ...Gandhi and MLK Jr. and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

My favorite book is ...so many - but perhaps but perhaps "Karma Yoga" by Vivekananda and "Small is Beautiful" by EF Schumacher

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Awakening

Parable: A Wise Woman Who Was ...

Mar 03, 2019, 5 comments, 29 smiles Parable: A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But a few days later he came back to return the stone to the wise woman. "I've been thinking," he said, "I know how valuable the stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone." -- Author Unknown

Awakin Calls Record!

Feb 22, 2019, 2 comments, 14 smiles We had a remarkable Awakin call with Allan Wallace on Saturday, led by the volunteer team extraordinaire of Galaxy (biographer), Pavi (host), Richard (moderator), Vishesh (streamer) and Prabha (audio). And now another extraordinary volunteer team of scribes, anchored by Gayathri, will lovingly and deeply listen to the call and prepare a transcript of the wisdom. Hard to describe to the outside world how many moving parts, and how many loving hearts, help bring these offerings into the world week after week. Thanks for all the labor of love that occurs week in and week out by the amazing team of ServiceSpace volunteers. In all, 414 people RSVP’d for the call! An Awakin calls record. And far beyond quantity of participants was the quality of the feedback received, and the ripples that are already ensuing. Here is just a very small sampling of some of the feedback received from call listeners from this ... Read Full Story

Nuggets From Maya Soetoro-Ng's Call

Feb 14, 2019, 1 comments, 5 smiles Last Saturday, the extraordinary Nimo and I had the privilege of hosting a beautiful Awakin Call with Maya Soetoro-Ng, where we heard about her speak about a wide range of topics: from her expansive view of the role each of us can play in building peace, to how the Presidency of her brother, Barack Obama, as well as the divisive aftermath of the past several years, both transformed and reinforced her vision of the work of building peace. By way of brief background, Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng is a peace educator consulting for the Obama Foundation, and previously directed the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of Hawaii. Her brother is former US President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama. But Maya says we can't leave conflict resolution up to governments: resilience will come from ordinary people, not from centralized, powerful institutions or well-tested solutions alone. "It's imperative ... Read Full Story

Maya Soetoro-Ng: Pragmatic Peace Studies For Social

Feb 06, 2019, 3 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Maya Soetoro-Ng: Pragmatic Peace Studies For Social ChangeReflection questions: Our guest this week believes that peacebuilding is teachable, and that "fear is at the heart of all of our conflicts and problems. If we can develop courage, moral courage and all kinds of courage, we can heal our community, our country, and our world." Can you recall a time when you overcame fear and built courage in order to resolve conflict in a peaceful way?

Nuggets From Jane Murray's Call

Jan 09, 2019, 2 comments, 10 smiles Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Jane Murray. Jane Murray, a former commercial venture capital lawyer and now a start-up entrepreneur in the United Kingdom, has seen and experienced the power of small acts – and now seeks to amplify them through transformative technology to foster greater inner and outer peace. As a lawyer, Jane was actively involved with companies during the technology boom and witnessed the shadow side of that boom – the de-coupling of value from values, as well as the results of extraordinary material success without concurrent wisdom. Jane founded Peacebeam as the culmination of her own movement from headspace to heart-space. Peacebeam calls itself “a facilitator for kindness” that offers short audios (called peacebeams) that are designed for commuters and busy people to get calm and connected. Jane believes that small acts like taking five minutes to feel centered, compassionate, kindness, empathy ... Read Full Story

Terry Patten, A ServiceSpace Friend, Visionary ...

Jan 04, 2019 Terry Patten, a ServiceSpace friend, visionary thought leader who was a recent guest on a powerful Awakin call, and author of A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries, will be offering a free public webinar "A Call for Yin Leadership" on January 9th at 12 Noon PT / 3 PM ET. In the webinar, he will announce and invite people to a yearlong experience into "new, more powerful, cooperative ways of being human" and "to learn and to build a whole new set of capacities" in order to "blossom as social artists." If you are interested in tapping into Terry's integral wisdom via the webinar, please sign up here.

Jane Murray: Headspace To Heartspace And Midwifing The

Jan 02, 2019, 2 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Jane Murray: Headspace To Heartspace And Midwifing The NewReflection questions: Our guest this week believes that her generation -- as bridges into a new world in a period of great transition -- is potentially lost if doesn't decide to belong to the world to help midwife the new while providing "hospice care" to dying institutions. What structures and ways of life, from your lens, are waiting to be born, and what is in need of compassionate care as it comes to a natural end?

Nuggets From Reverend Eric Elnes's Call

Dec 23, 2018, 1 comments, 2 smiles Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Reverend Eric Elnes. Dr. Eric Elnes is a minister, biblical scholar, author, speaker and media host. Since 2008, he has been the Senior Minister of Countryside Community Church (UCC) in Omaha, Nebraska. Countryside recently became the Christian partner in Omaha’s heralded Tri-Faith Initiative – in which a synagogue, a mosque, and a church are co-locating to a 37-acre campus to learn what it is like for the three Abrahamic faiths to live in relationship with each other. The shared physical commons is the only undertaking of its kind in the world. Elnes often preaches about the need for inclusivity, the foundation of the Tri-Faith Initiative. “Religion does us a disservice when it seeks to remove uncertainty from life,” he says. “Life is messy and no amount of doctrine or dogma changes this. Faith built upon certainty is a house of ... Read Full Story

Reverend Eric Elnes: Connecting Hearts In The Heartland

Dec 19, 2018, 1 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Reverend Eric Elnes: Connecting Hearts In The HeartlandReflection questions: Our guest this week has helped create a first-of-its-kind initiative for communities from the 3 major Abrahamic faiths to co-locate their places of worship in one physical environment. How has physical co-location with the "other" helped build bonds of understanding and community in your life?

Gob-Smacked By The Hearts, Heads And Hands Assembled

Nov 16, 2018, 2 comments, 12 smiles On a random Saturday in November, with thick-ish smoke in the air from the wildfires raging up farther in Northern California, why would someone get up out of bed and bring oneself to a gathering with dozens of unknown people for no apparent purpose and setting forth no agenda? When one can choose to be in any number of places, why choose this one – and, at the end of the day, at 5:30PM, how and why could life feel so different as a ripple of this single choice? Such were the answer-less and awe-filling questions that closed the day, as more than 30 participants and volunteers reflected on what had transpired when they came together last Saturday, November 10, at Banyan Grove for our first day-long “Head, Hands, Heart” retreat in North America. While similar immersions have become a mainstay offering of our ecosystem near the Gandhi Ashram in India, ... Read Full Story