About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I founded a global community to do what I can to make a positive difference in the world, and then discovered how ServiceSpace is already doing this, on a large scale in such a beautiful way, with so much to teach me.

A good day to me is when ... I can reach out and connect with others, and find ways to share our journeys.

My hero in life is ...My father, my wife, my daughter, my son, my teachers and my friends.

My favorite book is ...Book of Formation (ancient Kabalistic text), Tao Te Ching, The Essential Rumi, Complete Works of Shakespeare

One thing I'm grateful for is ... The awesome gift of the beauty of this world; the chance to connect with others to pass this gift on to future generations.

Right Livelihood Reflections From Auroville

Dec 21, 2017, 3 smiles Here are Deven Shah's reflections on right livelihood from Auroville, India, speaking at last month's Right Livelihood Circle. :) Bela anchored the group interview. We were all very moved by Deven's words and the conversation that followed. We'll be continuing the Right Livelihood Circle -- a shared journey of building the practice of right livelihood in our lives today -- on Jan. 21, by Zoom video-conference, co-hosted by Bela and Aryae. Please RSVP and join us!

Recipe For Spiritual Well-Being In Today's World

Dec 11, 2017, 3 smiles In the Dec. 10 Spiritual Travelers Circle, Rev. Charles Gibbs, interviewed by the circle, shares his reflections on connecting our inside & outside to bring light, love and healing in a troubled world. You can see the complete video recording of the circle, and more about Charles and the attendees, at Dec. 10 Spiritual Travelers Circle.

A Conversation Led By Global Interfaith ...

Nov 30, 2017, 5 smiles A conversation led by global interfaith leader Rev. Charles Gibbs, for welcoming each other into the December holiday season. Sharing reflections on answering darkness with light -- with actions that bring light, love and healing to a troubled world. Please join us for this video -conference at Dec. 10 Spiritual Travelers Circle.

Interfaith Spiritual Travelers --

Oct 16, 2017, 10 smiles Much gratitude to Anuj for anchoring -- and to everyone who participated -- for yesterday's beautiful Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle conversation. Here's a sample: You can see/hear the complete conversation at Oct 15 Interfaith Spiritual Travelers.

A Pilgrim's Interfaith Journey: Anuj Pandey

Sep 25, 2017, 14 smiles Oct. 15 Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle Anuj Kumar Pandey has been a monk, a protestant Christian brother, a martial artist, a musician, story teller, Silicon Valley tech worker, ServiceSpace volunteer working behind the scenes with the technology that carries voices of the community, devoted spiritual traveler on the Sufi path, and humble spiritual friend to many. We’re inviting Anuj to share the story of his pilgrimage from his village town in India to the Awakin Circles in the Bay Area, and anchor the October 15 Spiritual Travelers Circle. Please join us on the videoconference for a conversation with Anuj about the spiritual journey! Sunday, October 15, 2017, 9:00 - 10:30 AM Pacific Time. Learn more and RSVP

Questions On Right Livelihood

Aug 25, 2017, 4 comments, 12 smiles [We had a very energizing "Right Livelihood' call last weekend. Below are group's notes about the questions that were raised. As a follow-up, most everyone was keen to attend a second circle to dive deeper and some folks have initiated smaller-pod conversations as well. Looking forward to the emergence!] Right Livelihood: where we are materially sustained by doing what makes us come alive, in a way that helps alleviate suffering in the world. What did you want to be when you grow up? Colleen shared, “A friend of mine asked that and I remember looking at a book I filled out when I was in kindergarten and I wrote that I wanted to be a piano teacher. I am gaining inspiration from my young self because I believe that at some level, we know what we want. I don't play the piano now, but I think what I liked about my piano ... Read Full Story

Guidance From Indigenous Ancestors --

May 11, 2017, 3 smiles Interfaith Spiritual Travelers Circle: Guidance from Ancestors --   At a time when so much of the world as we've known it seems on the brink of crisis and transformation, what can we learn from listening to the voices of our indigenous ancestors who lived close to the earth? How can we tune in to their wisdom for guidance through perilous times?     Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees has spent a life "at the crossroads where species, cultures, beliefs and the unknown collide and find both dissonance and resonance. I am most comfortable with those explorers and cartographers whose passion and life is the crossroads. There, at any given moment, what is magic and what is real shifts places depending on where I stand.” Two Trees focuses her work, as an artist/catalyst, on re-orienting to indigenous mind and regenerating an essential relationship with Earth wisdom. She is past recipient of the Lila Wallace International ... Read Full Story

The Sacred Pause That Stopped A Fight

May 08, 2017, 8 comments, 26 smiles [Below was the story I had shared at last week's Awakin Circle. I'm grateful to volunteers who made the transcription below possible, and who continually encourage such stories of transformation.] A couple of months ago I was taking my regular afternoon walk along the coastal trail, and heading back home. My wife and son were waiting for me and I was a little late, so I was walking fast and thinking about getting there on time, not really noticing what was going on around me.  Then I thought, this isn’t much fun! What if I just slow down?  What if I can just be present and start noticing what's going on around me? So I did that. I was about to cross the highway. Suddenly I noticed that there was a teenage girl yelling and screaming and running.  "What's this about?” I thought.  She ran across the highway.  Without any particular agenda, I ... Read Full Story

Apr 23 OWL Global Wisdom Circle

Apr 13, 2017, 4 smiles Empowering Youth & Saving Wildlife in Kenya Trish Sewe, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya, is passionate about two things: Kenya's youth, and Kenya's wild animals. She is founder of MimiNiChange, which aims to inspire and unite Kenyan youth and young adults to shun tribalism, speak with one voice, and take charge of their own destinies as empowered leaders. She is also a Communications Manager at WildlifeDirect, a non-profit which holds a unique role in Kenya’s wildlife conservation efforts, widely recognized for its singular successes in supporting the protection of elephants.  Please join us for a conversation about courage and inspiration in working for a better world! Sunday, April 23, 2017, 9:00 - 10:30 AM Pacific Time. You can find your corresponding local time at Time and Date. To join us for the videoconference, please RSVP. We’ll get back to you with the details.       

OWL Global Wisdom Circle: Leadership Now

Mar 10, 2017, 2 smiles March 19 OWL Global Wisdom Circle: Leadership for the Common Good Cam Danielson & Pam Fuhrmann At this time of increasing division, ​fragmentation and conflict, what kind of leadership is needed for bringing people together for the common good? How do we each find and act on this leadership within ourselves? Cam was Awaken Call guest speaker last August. He and Pam are co-founders of the Conscious Leadership Institute, through which they and their team have worked with thousands of leaders and hundreds of organizations and communities around the world. Cam's research on the effects of meditation practice on leadership has been published as a book entitled: Beyond the Horizon: Glimpses into the Lives of Exceptional Leaders. Pam has studied and written about the role of the archetypal feminine in individual development. Global video conference: March 19, 2917, 9:00 - 10:30 AM Pacific Time Learn more & RSVP