About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I founded a global community to do what I can to make a positive difference in the world, and then discovered how ServiceSpace is already doing this, on a large scale in such a beautiful way, with so much to teach me.

A good day to me is when ... I can reach out and connect with others, and find ways to share our journeys.

My hero in life is ...My father, my wife, my daughter, my son, my teachers and my friends.

My favorite book is ...Book of Formation (ancient Kabalistic text), Tao Te Ching, The Essential Rumi, Complete Works of Shakespeare

One thing I'm grateful for is ... The awesome gift of the beauty of this world; the chance to connect with others to pass this gift on to future generations.

Over The Cliff: A Lesson In Being Alive

Jun 07, 2021, 7 comments, 14 smiles At the tail end of a recent Awakin Circle I was reminded of a time about ten years ago when I received an unexpected lesson in the miracle of being alive. Ironically I was driving on my way to see the doctor. To get from where I live in Half Moon Bay to the doctor’s office in Redwood City, you drive over the hill on Highway 92. The narrow two-lane road takes you up to a crest high above the valley below, and winds back and forth in hairpin turns. It was raining. I was running late, so I was probably driving a little fast. The road was slippery. I came to a turn where the road goes sharply left. I turned the steering wheel, but the car kept going straight. I tried the brake, but the car kept skidding forward, straight toward the edge of the cliff. I looked around me. There was ... Read Full Story

Sow With Tears, Reap With Joy

Mar 18, 2021, 2 comments, 11 smiles In last night's Awakin Circle, Nimo shared a joyous song from a legendary Gandhian sculptor, Kanti-dada: I was struck by how the lines: "We came crying, crying / But shall go laughing, laughing" are almost identical to the words from Psalms that we sing in the Hebrew blessing after a meal. The lyrics of that are: "The one who sows with tears will reap with joy":

Freedom In Prison: A Story Of My Great-Grandfather

Jul 07, 2020, 15 comments, 39 smiles [I originally shared this true story of my great-grandfather at an Awakin Circle. By request I'm archiving it in writing with some additional context.] -- Freedom in Prison: a Story of my Great-Grandfather -- As I knock on the door of Grandpa Max’s apartment on Valentine Avenue in the Bronx in the fall of 1956, I’m feeling a little nervous. This is an important visit, and the first time I’ve come on my own from New Jersey, without my parents, by bus and subway, to see him. I’m flooded with memories of my early childhood in the 1940s. He lived in this same apartment back then, on the second floor, with Grandma Minnie before she passed away. My mom and dad and I and my little brother lived up on the fifth floor. When we went to visit them, we’d go to the elevator and press “2.” Then we’d get out, walk ... Read Full Story

Six Lessons (Plus One) From My First Awakin Circle

May 31, 2019, 8 comments, 33 smiles Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a door with the strange feeling that, if you choose to open it and walk inside, life will never be the same? For me, on a balmy summer evening in 2013 in Santa Clara, California, standing at the front door of the home of Dinesh and Harshida Mehta, I felt that this was one of those moments. I took a deep breath, opened the door, and walked inside. I was greeted in silence by a man about my age with a calm demeanor and a sweet smile, who put his hands together and bowed to me. This must be Dinesh, I thought. I wasn’t used to being greeted in this way. But I immediately understood his message, so I smiled back, placed my hands together, and bowed to him. My first Awakin Circle lesson: we share silence here; we acknowledge and honor the ... Read Full Story

My First Corporate Job Interview In 1981

Feb 07, 2019, 3 comments, 15 smiles This week's Awakin reading brought to mind my very first job interview in high-tech. It was for a job in corporate sales in Silicon Valley in 1981. They didn't have LinkedIn then, but same idea. I had previously been teaching at a community college, and I had a small business called Right Livelihood Workshops. But I needed to change after my daughter was born, because the income stream wasn't quite what I needed it to be. So I thought, okay, I'll apply to a tech company in Silicon Valley and try corporate sales. Why not? I knew how to do career workshops and good job search techniques, and had coached others in writing resumes and doing job interviews. So now, my task was to create a story about myself -- the story of how what I've done all my life has really led me to this job: corporate sales and computer ... Read Full Story

Poem From My Seventh Decade

Dec 13, 2018, 2 comments, 7 smiles [At last night's Awakin Circle, a few of us were discussing learnings from different decades in life. :) This morning, while sharing some of the stories with Wendy, she reminded me of this poem I wrote five years ago, when I turned seventy.] Approaching 70 Imagine your life, some 90 years, beginning and ending with Winter Solstice, mapped onto the cycle of a single year. You squirm out of the dark womb onto a narrow carpet of winter light. Days get longer as you push yourself up, fall, laugh, push yourself up again, and learn to walk. By spring you’re in your 20s, strong and gorgeous in your growing physical glory, thrust onto the stage as the sap surges and earth bursts forth in flowers like a flood of light sweeping away the darkness. You stride through June into mid-life, your longest day and brightest moment, breezing through the gateway to proudly toil in summer’s ... Read Full Story

On Starting A Journey

Jun 04, 2018, 2 comments, 5 smiles Home is comfortable, solid, familiar, connected, the life I know: a place, a role, a family, a community, a tradition, a culture, a nation. The journey separates me from home, isolates me. Liberated from constraints, expectations, identity, family and community, there is only moment-to-moment attention to what is going on around me, to the present, free for what is new and unexpected. Home connects and grounds. The journey frees and renews. Life asks: when?