About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... of opportunity to do some external service resulting in some inner transformation.

A good day to me is when ... I am able to sleep with a satisfaction that I have done whatever I possibly could

My hero in life is ...So many.

My favorite book is ...Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo.

One thing I'm grateful for is ... I am grateful for everything that comes my way.

Awakin Knowingly/ Unknowingly Reaping Acts Of Kindness

May 21, 2020, 4 comments, 10 smiles Awakin Circles knowingly/unknowingly reaping acts of kindness. Yesterday we had an Awakin Circle with friends from Delhi NCR, Gujarat , Mumbai and some as far away as Barcelona. That is the power of Online circles as it has made the world look so small. Some were there for the first time, having heard about it from their friends. The reading being “ To Find something don’t look for it”, was read and we started sharing our reflections. The reflections ranged from the Voice Of Goenka ji in Vipassana Meditations , to finding a beautiful job when stopped looking for it , to going with the flow not looking for anything, to just enjoying the reflections as just having finished reading the book of this author and many more. Just then Mala ji, one of the older participants, shared a startling happening. She mentioned how she had received a call from someone who had ... Read Full Story

Awakin Circle, Smiles After Tears

Nov 08, 2019, 10 smiles Smiles after tear-filled Awakin Circle. It began with an hour of silence., which we all cherished and enjoyed. (The lighting of the candle as suggested by Aditi, was a hit.) The theme of Compassion as contained in the Awakin reading was very touching and moved us to the core. The sharings somehow ( probably the theme was so powerful) became so intense, the sharings started pouring out from the heart and all the eyes were moist. It became so intense, breaks of a minute of silence were taken. My Apologies, as I may have missed out on many sharings , as I was deeply moved emotionally and was in tears for a large part of the circle sharings myself. Karan read out his own translated Hindi version of the reading and shared his views on compassion. Aditi shared how lately after undergoing different phases of her journey, she has developed compassion for her family and ... Read Full Story

Tea For Togetherness, Toilet Cafe , Gandhi Ashram ,

Oct 15, 2019, 3 smiles Tea for Togetherness – Toilet Cafe, Gandhi Ashram, Delhi The seeds of the toilet cafe were laid in 1961 when Ishwar bhai Patel, also known as “Mr.Toilet”, established a space as the sustainable sanitation park in Harijan Sevak Sangh (Gandhi Ashram), Delhi to spread awareness about importance of sanitation. He brought great awareness through instilling sensitivity and removal of untouchability, as well as fostering the engineering and designing of toilets and sanitation technologies. After 56 years, in 2017, the space was revived again with so much love and care by son Jayesh Bhai Patel and his team from ESI Sughad & Safai Vidyalaya in Ahmedabad to cultivate the richness of both sharing and sanitation. In October, 2019, during Morari Bapu’s Harijan Manas Katha in Gandhi Ashram, fifteen volunteers from ESI and a few from Kat-Katha, came together to prosper peace and kindness through the toilet café. Another aim of bringing this entire ... Read Full Story

Wonderful Awakin Circle This Wednesday

Jul 26, 2019, 1 comments, 12 smiles WOW, a fabulous Awakin Circle this Wednesday. I had been holding these circles over the past month, on behalf of our dear friend Jaideep, who had to travel. This Wednesday we had with us, a dedicated Service Space Volunteer, Rohit, who had also volunteered in a Laddership circle, that I was a part of, this spring. As he was to be with us, I requested him to share his amazing life journey during the circle of sharing. To my utter joy and surprise, I received 24 RSVP’s. Inspite of the torrential rains just one and half hours before the circle began, we had 16 participants, all youngsters. And this was after a circle, the previous week, where I was the only participant. We observed an hour of silence, then I read the Awakin reading, and then I welcomed and informed the participants about emergence of Awakin Circles. Then I requested Rohit to speak ... Read Full Story