About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I love the idea of giving and connecting hearts.

A good day to me is when ... My mind is still and focussed on how I can create something meaningful

My hero in life is ...Every person that does his part trying his/her best

My favorite book is ...Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

One thing I'm grateful for is ... My ability to think that gives me opportunity renew myself everyday of my life.


Jul 31, 2020, 3 smiles I stumble into an activity. Before you know, it sets me off on a fascinating journey. Not just that, I am inundated with a cascade of blessings. Here is a story that changed me, saved me, blessed me, and anchored me in countless and priceless ways. #MyGratitude. It started about 13-14 years ago. I saw a fellow toastmaster run a public speaking program at the local Boys and Girls Scout chapter. I went and checked it out a couple of times. I spent a little bit of time with a teenager. It gave me refreshing energy; it planted the seeds. One of my classmates signed me up to help high school age teenagers prepare for job interviews at a non-profit in Costa Mesa. We did a 10-week program using the Toastmasters Youth Leadership structure/curriculum. Working with youth is fun. Ripples and synergies have their ways to touch and resonate. Or, maybe coincidence is God’s way of staying ... Read Full Story

Reflect ... Smile And Give :)

May 18, 2019, 8 smiles The conversation between our Awakin Call guest Jeremy Lent, moderator Terry, and anchoring host Pavi showed me a very simple and yet profound way to interpret and relate to the world that I live in. I got so many nurturing vibes in the paradigm of striking harmony with all that is around me. I feel so energized by simple ideas I can implement today to be part of the change that seem so nurturing, healing and deeply meaningful. Here are ripples from the call as they resonated with me. When Preeta emailed me introduction for Jeremy, the theme of "Patterning Instinct" intrigued me. Patterns we identify from the history give meaning to our lives, to our very existence; these patterns drive our values dictating what we accept and adopt as cultural norms. The insight that left an impression on me is about the shift in pattern that started about 500 or so years ago. What ... Read Full Story

Peter Kalmus: How I Cut Fossil Fuels And Increased My

Oct 11, 2017, 26 comments, 6 smiles This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Peter Kalmus: How I Cut Fossil Fuels And Increased My JoyReflection questions: Our guest this week, a longtime meditator, believes that such practices must ultimately manifest in outer individual change. "It's great to be mindful, but that mindfulness must also lead to emitting less CO2. Unfortunately, radiative processes in the atmosphere don't care how mindful we are, they only care how much we emit." How have personal practices led to greater consciousness in your relationship to the earth and nature?

Smiley Ways

Jun 07, 2016, 2 comments, 4 smiles We are all blessed and nurtured with smile of our Awakin Calls coordinator Anne Veh. How exciting opportunity to have Anne join as a guest speaker on a very special Awakin Call! Our moderator, Audrey started the conversation asking Anne about her childhood. We learned about Anne’s inner sanctuary and how it planted seeds of resilience… (Excerpts ...) Anne: Maybe the images that come to me when you ask that question -- what comes to me in my childhood I go right back to our childhood home in Los Gatos where we lived for 13 years. My mom had this beautiful garden and the garden has always been -- actually became a refuge -- I didn't realize how important the garden was to me until probably when I was in elementary years. But at the beginning I was so blessed -- my first teacher in school was Betty Peck and she, as you know, ... Read Full Story

Expanding Reach!

Mar 10, 2016, 5 smiles Our Awakin Call speaker, Eva Harris was always fascinated by science. She also felt driving need to make a difference in the world by helping those in need. After getting her education from Harvard in biochemical sciences, Eva was pulled by the revolution that was going on that time in Nicaragua.   Eva: At that point they were really trying to create a new society and put health and education at the front. And I wanted to see whether I could use my scientific training in some ways. So I ended up going and connecting with an organization that took volunteers to Nicaragua.   Eva described that as a humbling and frightening experience as the training she had wasn’t helping with problem she had to solve for soldiers suffering with vitamin A deficiency and infectious diseases.   At the same time, Eva felt connected with people and problems there. Eva embarked on a journey of understanding agents ... Read Full Story


Jan 22, 2016, 4 smiles Awakin Calls have incredible pull of stories – stories that deepen my self-awareness, stories that give me new ways to think. It’s a very active communication medium where we all are able to hold the space nurtured by weekly calls with different speakers and communion enabled by reflections, blog posts, transcriptions, audio podcast replays, and synergy of ripples touching us and resonating with/through us with interactions among family, friends, co-workers, customers and all. Awakin = Awakening with Kin It came together for me so well with the very first Awakin Call of this year with our ServiceSpace volunteers. Stories from conversations with a number of Service Spacers absorbed me, resonated with me, and most importantly connected me one more time to ABUNDANCE ...!!! ABUNDANCE, that is springing in so many people around the world, the thoughts and acts of kindness, compassion, care, love, patience, smiles and kinship. ABUNDANCE, that all of us are. ABUNDANCE that is helping ... Read Full Story

I Am Not My Emotions!

Jan 13, 2016, 6 smiles Our Awakin Call speaker, Pierre Pradervand, shared with us a number of nuggets on blessing - how to bless others, how to hold space inside where I am able to bless others. During circle of sharing, I asked him, "How do I bless someone when I am angry or frustrated by the situation or person?" His reply connected me yet again, to self-awareness... "You are not your emotions. Emotions are separate from you. You are that divine love that all of us are - deep down inside. When you feel overwhelmed by emotions, put yourself in the mode of an observer. Simply observe your own emotions. That will help open up your heart." Reflection, meditation to get in touch with my inner realm ... I see it coming up over and over again. One more reminder as to how to handle trying moments, "Be an observer of my emotions instead of identifying myself with that. This detachment will help." How touching seed! Resonance to it from inside nurtured it a little bit for me. Hope it germinates further, helping me with more equanimity. In the meantime, I will try it next time in a rainy moment.

Older... :)

Jan 07, 2016, 4 smiles How old are you? Or, shall I ask, “How young are you?” Does it matter how I ask the question? Should I even ask this question? Conversation with our Awakin Call speaker Ashton Applewhite brought up a question that is thought provoking – why do you discriminate against the group, when you are part of it as well? WE ALL ARE GETTING OLDER. SO ...WE ALL ARE AGING… :) Welcome to the club! Conversation brought up a number of ideas and questions: - When do we become old? Or, do we become old? We definitely are getting older. - When we stop contributing towards economic goals, does that make us old? How has capitalism colored our view on getting older? - Why is someone’s age shifting opinion or perspective about him/her? - Are you wise because you are old? Slightly different question … are you wiser because you are older? - Do you feel stigma for getting older? - Should you be considered less ... Read Full Story

Find Your SPARK!

Jan 05, 2016, 1 comments, 7 smiles We got a very powerful metaphor from Awakin call with Maki Saionji Kawamura. When you put flame underneath water, its temperature is going to rise. If it continues long enough, water reaches boiling point, the vapors start going up. What if the flame is weak? It still boils the water, it simply takes longer. It is matter of time. What if there a lot of water? What if the water is too little? I might take more or less time, and amount of vapors might be more or less. Water does reach boiling point if the flame continues to burn. If you stop the flame before water reaches the boiling point, then water is going to cool down. Repeat it for a number of times, and it still doesn’t matter – water won’t reach boiling point. The key here is to keep the flame going. It is very similar with praying – when you pray ... Read Full Story

Hands And Hearts Joining Together To BE The Change

Dec 30, 2015, 5 smiles We have privilege of listening to a heartwarming story on Awakin Call with Giang Deng. Giang gave up career working for larger non-profit organizations, as she didn’t resonate with idea of spending more time with organized planning and “spending more time in front of computer screens rather than among people”... :) Giang saw need to clean up urban areas in Vietnam. While talking with different organizations for this noble cause, she got the answer “we need money, a lot of money to do anything like that”. Instead of being frustrated or discouraged by the response, Giang started spending time with people in local community in city of Hanoi. She started a little project to create compost from the garbage sprawling around number of areas in the city. It was Giang listening to calling from inside and following though on it with what she had, where she was with one simple and yet profound ... Read Full Story