About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... it feels like my community

A good day to me is when ... good day implies there are some that are not. I must be in denial about those, for every day seems good to me.

My hero in life is ...ordinary decent folks who just persist and do the right thing day after day .... ok, the Dalai Lama, Rev Desmond Tutu and others who laugh easily also tug at my heart strings

My favorite book is ...Ten Tall Tales by Dr Suess, The Little Prince, Stories from Panchtantra and many more

One thing I'm grateful for is ... a good enough life that enables me to serve

Kindness Survives

May 25, 2021, 1 comments, 1 smiles I got a call this morning, a rare phenomena in the age of texts. My friend who called is about two decades older, and we only connect infrequently, when he needs to consult with me about a business he has wanted to get off the ground for all the years I have known him. He is a creative person who invents new things in a workshop he has locally, with a loyal freind and business partner. These inventions help people with limited mobility to enjoy the outdoors, particularly water sports, that act as therapy. He is a veteran himself and has seen enough veterans who suffer long term mobility issues that compromise the quality of their lives, although his early forays as an inventor were inspired to help his ageing father. His father was a well known professor at Cal Tech who passed away several years ago. Everytime we connected, he ... Read Full Story

A Minute Of Silence Ripples

Dec 12, 2018, 1 comments, 5 smiles I have borrowed Birju's idea of a minute of silence in the classes I teach to working professionals. I see my class as a co-created space for learning where I hold space and set the agenda, and just as the students are learning from my expertise, I am also learning from them and about them. I set up the minute of silence as the pause to decide for themselves what they want to take away from the class. I also check in afterwards as to how that minute went, and get permission for doing more in the future, if they are open to it. I asked for mid-course reflections on how the class was going, and here is what one of the students wrote, reproduced below in his own words.: "On the first day of class, I learned a valuable lesson in our minute of silence –self-reflection is important. Taking ... Read Full Story