About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I feel our values are in alignment.

A good day to me is when ... I make someone else smile.

My hero in life is ...Mother Theresa

My favorite book is ...Autobiography of a Yogi

One thing I'm grateful for is ... family

Extra Love -- At A Coffee Shop!

Jul 06, 2017, 3 comments, 15 smiles I was at a coffee shop the other day and ordered a cappuccino. As I placed the order, I asked the cashier, "May I please have it extra hot and with extra love?" This was just a very simple exchange with the cashier. When I picked up the coffee from the Barista, I checked the receipt to make sure it was mine -- and noticed that he actually typed in "Extra hot", "Extra love". He switched with another cashier, but when I spotted him again, I yelled out to him, "Hey, you actually typed it in! With extra love!" This means the drink was already infused with love with his typed message before the barista could even begin to grind the coffee beans or steam the milk. And we gave each other a high-five! The energy in that high-five sent that overflowing love into all the other mugs in that cafe, to all the other hard working employees and to all the floppy-eared dogs just hanging around hoping for another human touch of sweetness. Small acts, with extra love.

When A Butterfly Gets Pulled Over

Jul 16, 2015, 2 comments, 12 smiles Around the theme of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, here's a cartoon I recently enjoyed ...(Keeping check of transcendence :) each day we morph a little into the butterfly to take on the ultimate flight!!)

Eye Of The Whale With Bryant Austin

Sep 17, 2013, 1 comments, 7 smiles On the Eye of the Whale Event with Bryant Austin: Thank you all for making such a wonderful experience possible! It was such a pleasure spending the day together. Each of you showed up in the spirit of generosity with hearts wide open. I would like to share one more little story. A few months ago, I had an experience which I did not fully comprehend until meeting Bryant and each of you and hearing all the soulful, passionate stories. I was walking along the beach on a beautifully chilly, foggy morning. This is one of my favorite activities to do alone because I always feel so calm and protected, like I am home. For some reason however, this particular meditative stroll filled with divine chanting was bringing up bubbles of surprising fear. I was so lost in these mixed emotions that I didn’t realize how far I walked and that my ... Read Full Story