About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I want to serve..

A good day to me is when ... when i see people around me smiling

My hero in life is ...a person who enjoy life in its ordinariness.

My favorite book is ...First and last Freedom by J. Krishnamurti

One thing I'm grateful for is ... life in totality

Awakin Kids Circles Continue In Surat!

Jul 09, 2018, 1 comments, 21 smiles Email from Manish in Surat: After completion of 6th Awakin Kids circle, children are inspired to meditate and open up more with their sharing. It is a great time with meditation, story reading, art & crafts, learning with video, sharing of kids and parents, game playing, prayers inchorus, and yummy food. For us, their love = time spent incircle. :) Thank you!

World Cup @ Karma Kitchen Surat!

Jun 24, 2018, 4 comments, 27 smiles We just completed our 12th Karma Kitchen in Surat and the theme was Football World Cup.:) The only difference was that everyone who participated were winners!! The decor and the spirit behind it was very inspiring, evoking a one-world consciousness. And we were fully sold out for the day. Every month is a different volunteer crew, and each month's crew was highlighted. Our appetizing menu and much more ... One thing that stood out to me was -- in life, as well as football game, eventually we all run out of time. Let's make the most of our playing time. :)

Laddership: Spring 2018

Mar 14, 2018, 3 comments, 18 smiles Laddership: Spring 2018 "When the well-being of all; effortlessly, becomes the center of all our work, and when we serve selflessly from an absolute persistence to tune more towards internal transformation along with external service then a collective strength emerges. Which then results in an inner and outer transformation simultaneously." The year of 2017 was a year of rich explorations, many new ideas, failure clubs, moonshots and an eagerness to dive into the depths of so many questions, edges, paradoxes and narratives collectively. With a year full of learnings; it has been a wonderful journey of ‘work in progress’ as we continue to unfold our ‘slow stories’. Over the last few years, many Laddership Circles in India and even around the world have explored various themes, stories, and edges around the nuances of inner transformation; that have held a lot of value for change makers and community organizers. Now, as we dive into the ... Read Full Story

Krishnamurti On Impermanence

Feb 21, 2018, 6 comments, 11 smiles [Below are two excerpts on the topic of impermanence that recently inspired me, from J. Krishnamurti] Question: Doesn't the knowledge that life is impermanent bring suffering? Krishnamurti: Right, sir. But it is a fact that life is impermanent, isn't it? Your relations are impermanent, your thoughts are impermanent, your self-fulfilments, your ambitious drive and achievements are impermanent, because there is death. And why should one suffer because of impermanency? The fact is that there is impermanency. It is so. But you don't want to accept that fact, you say, "There must be something permanent". You have a picture of what permanency is, and therefore, when you are faced with impermanency, there is a feeling of despair. You put death, which is the essence of impermanency, in the distance, so there is an interval, a gap between you and that which you call death. Here you are, living every day, carrying on with ... Read Full Story

Awakin Kids Circle Emerges In Surat!

Feb 06, 2018, 2 comments, 20 smiles [One of the regular attendees of Awakin Surat circle heard about Awakin Kids circle and was moved to start something. Below is Manish K's letter from this week's inaugural circle. Feel very grateful. --Parag] Yesterday, we started the new journey of a "no exit strategy" ServiceSpace approach, with a local Awakin circle for children! It just so happened that circumstances cooperated, and organically the circle was initiated. For our first circle, we had scheduled an hour -- first 20 minutes of meditation, then 10 minutes of story-telling, 10 minutes of sharing, then some prayers, and some food. What was happily surprising was that all the children sat silently without making any disturbance. For most of them, it would be the first time sitting. Manya, my younger daughter (6 yrs) made a colourful drawing, and even name tags for everyone. She had also written a story in her own words. No use of readymade media. ... Read Full Story

Sheetal Sanghvi: Just A Millimeter Higher

Feb 23, 2017, 4 comments, 28 smiles [On Day 2 of the Gandhi 3.0 retreat, Sheetal Sanghvi spoke "briefly but deeply" about his personal journey. Some volunteers, who were moved by that talk, offer this lightly edited transcript to share the inspiration forward.] My early years were ones with lot of spiritual inclinations. I grew up in a family with a strong interest in pilgrimages, visiting saints, attending holy talks. We would have guests all the time. We were a family of 8 and but we always cooked for 15 -- not knowing which extra 7 will show up. My father had limited resources but he build a house because he wanted to host pilgrims. He built it slightly out the city and built 6 rooms. Yet he kept all of us in just 2 rooms -- so that 4 rooms will always be available for guests.  I grew up in that atmosphere.   Today, in many ways, I feel like a story of Chinese ... Read Full Story

Re-Love-ution Is In The Heart!

Aug 15, 2016, 3 comments, 11 smiles Nine of us from various parts of world reunited in the field of love to share our life, our learnings and a lot of laughter after a hiatus of 4 weeks, which was the last online circle in our ongoing 2 concurrent summer Laddership Circles. As always Audrey welcomed all of us with a sparkling eyes and deep smile within. The moment we all logged in, her large smile welcome -- and trademark "Hellooooo!" -- set the ball rolling in getting us deeply connected and sharing love and life in the ensuing 90 minutes. A 2-minute silence kicked off the circle, and we had a long check in, where everybody shared their "ReLoveUtion" (as Joserra calls it :)) in their life and local community. Joserra, with deepening stillness and flowing kindness had a very eventful month in Burgos, Spain. ReLoveUtion manifested in holding Awakin Circles in prison to few Karma Kitchens and ... Read Full Story

Laddership Circles Are In The Air!

Jun 17, 2016, 7 comments, 21 smiles Thirteen of us from USA, Australia, Vietnam, and India came together for Week 1 of our online Laddership Circle -- in what is one of the two concurrent circles this summer!  We had a vibrant crew of fellows and volunteers sharing their wisdom and holding space for each other's deep inquiry.  Audrey welcome us with a warm, deep smile and a virtual hug.  Birju appreciated everyone's presence, and with deep gratitude for the space, gave some context to the laddership circle and its evolution.  It started 18 months back with a very simple idea of holding space for people, who want to deepen their journey by going within and holding inquiry with their edges.  What we are inside is manifested on the outside, and observing our external worlds and tracking all their roots inside us is to journey in the spirit of inquiry.  The circle supports each other in unseen ways ... Read Full Story

Savji-bhai's Ripples In Surat

Feb 08, 2016, 1 comments, 17 smiles Some of you might've read Savji-bhai's story in Nipun-bhai's India update. In brief, he is a very wealthy but community oriented diamond merchant in Surat. At our retreat in December, he raised the question of whether love and profit can co-exist and by the end, he enthusiastically told us that his question had disappeared. He remembered one of his most cherished memories -- of connecting with his father, and then facilitating all his thousands of staff to reconnect with their fathers, on the same day at the same train station -- and wondered why he wasn't doing more of that, in everyday moments. In the short time since retreat, many ripples have already emerged. In place of Tulsi plants as gift, their companies are now giving out thousands of Smile Decks (in Gujarati) to all their staff. A local Karma Kitchen is starting this month. 21-Day Challenges on various kinds are ... Read Full Story

Can Profit And Love Coexist?

Dec 09, 2015, 17 smiles [We held an incredible retreat with Surat.  By the end of 1.5 days, most of us were in tears, feeling a surge of inner transformation that will inevitably ripple to our community.  Below is a beautiful recap that Mihir shared from his breakout.] Was fortunate to participate in and explore the topic of ‘Business + Inner Transformation’ in one of the break-out sessions at the recent MBL retreat here in Surat. As we went deeper into this topic, awareness dawned upon us about the edges to this aspect of life. Sharing the reflections here… Merriam-Webster says the meaning of ‘business’ is ‘purposeful activity’. It also says that this is its ‘archaic’ meaning. Conditioned as we are, we were not looking at ‘business’ like that, rather in the context of a means to earn a livelihood, and knowingly or unknowingly, to fulfil many other motives of the mind such as the craving for ... Read Full Story