About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I feel people in this family are connected to my values. All of you are an inspiration for me. You are being the change and that supports me being it too!!

A good day to me is when ... There are a lot of smiles around me and stillness in my mind

My hero in life is ...Collective: The african Ubuntu, The japanese Moai, The south american Pachamama...

My favorite book is ...The Power of Now, Siddharta, Ebano...

One thing I'm grateful for is ... For breathing, for noble friends, for food and shelter :)

A Journey With Lok Mitras In India!

Jun 25, 2020, 1 comments, 3 smiles Last week, few of us visited Punadra area, in rural Gujarat. It was a beautiful journey into rural India, and furthermore, a journey into the Lok Mitra world. Lok Mitra is a unique program that supports community leaders unconditionally. I still hold dear memories of the times when I was supported with a Lok Mitra grant in 2012 here in India. The unconditional love I received in the form of that grant still gives me hope and direction in my journey of service. Through the love-in-form-of-money I was able to cover my basic needs and continue doing what I was doing. There was no pressure to perform, no control of outcomes or results. Pure giving. That love motivated me to perform further, and go deeper in the journey of my own inner transformation and service to society. Lok Mitra means ´Friends of the People´, and its main aim is to support the ... Read Full Story

End Of Ramadan !

May 25, 2020, 6 smiles Today we celebrated Eid-al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan according to the Muslim tradition! Few friends here followed the Ramadan month, which is about spreading love and service, and also fasting during the day for 30 days. This practice of fasting is followed by other religions as well, and in the experience of our friends here, it has made them realize further the sacredness of the elements, the connection with water, the blessedness of being able to eat. The practice is central to Muslims all around the world, so today we felt connected with millions of people on this celebration! Sending love to all the Muslim brothers and sisters ! In the context of the Gandhi Ashram, we find love and encouragement in celebrating festivals from all religions! How beautiful it’s to celebrate our diverse human heritages, and come together to understand our different traditions and spiritual truths with harmony and respect! ... Read Full Story

Auntie Domi, 2 Years Of Her Passing...

May 01, 2020, 1 comments, 2 smiles Today the challenge of our spanish 21 days Karuna challenge is about being more interested in our elders... Just a couple of days ago it was the second anniversary of the death of my aunt Domi, who for our family and friends was an inspiring example of vitality, open-mindedness and simplicity. I shared here a small post that I have written about her and a documentary that we made for her!: ´I just want to share a special gift again, A family documentary that we made for my auntie Domi, who passed away at 100 years of age after a beautiful simple life of joy and togetherness. She was a true example of how to enjoy life, the little things, the family, the beauty. We made the documentary just for her to watch while she was still in full swing. After the premiere (with lots of friends and family) and my sister's wedding, ... Read Full Story

Jayeshbhai's First Zoom Call!

Apr 20, 2020, 3 smiles So much goodness going around online lately! Yesterday we were part of an improvised call with some friends from around the world and Jayeshbhai! It was his first zoom call and he was very happy with the technology :). He is all about inner-net, dil-mail and moon-mail, so for all of us was a special sweet moment to be part of! We just checked in with each other and shared smiles and love! On the call he planted seeds for a Jai Jagat pilgrimage in 2022! Let's see! Now it's a good time to get ready inside for all the beauty and transformation that is to unfold outside! :). Blessed to be in ESI at this time, being taken care so gracefully by noble souls. So much to be grateful for! ps: Gandhi-ji was also with us. LOL.

Karuna Response Team!

Apr 13, 2020, 4 comments, 10 smiles In ServiceSpace we talk about Multiple Forms of Wealth, Gift Ecology or Many to Many networks/connections. All this is proving to be of tremendous value during this crisis as well. Now that I am in India I can see how initiatives like Grocery with Gratitude and other humanitarian efforts are able to spread in society in a decentralised way and a fast manner due to this type of thinking, and the social ground that movements like Moved By Love or Manav Sadhna or Lok Mitra created. Social capital, gift ties, and many to many models shine through, also in this humanitarian-aid-required-circumstances where many people are struggling for their food or their shelter. UNKNOWN FRIENDS! As we see so many initiatives of Karuna flooding the world these days, I try to add my little bit to that current of love. Few weeks ago when the COVID19 crisis emerged in India I was connected to ... Read Full Story


Mar 16, 2020, 1 comments, 8 smiles Few days ago as part of our Pilgrimage to India we 've been in a village of Gujarat named Punadra. The Mother Land (India) keeps offering us more love and generosity through the hearts of its people. If I had to choose a mother culture it would definitely be the one of these peoples. So many gems for the world here. No coincidence that experiments like Seva Cafe were ignited in the midst of rural India :). Quite indescribable experience we had. We were received in the village by claps and cheering and smiles. Someone was even waiting for us with a camel-cart to take us on the last stretch ! Panchito and others decided that we should also help the camel so some of us helped pushing the cart as well. That act of kindness was even in the local media afterwards . After some more beautiful welcomes, we experienced service ... Read Full Story

A Gift Of A Weekend :). Re-love-ution!

Oct 28, 2019, 15 smiles By Maxime O’Raion It started with shy and delicate hugs to end up with deep and intense embraces. Yes, you already know the end, but you have no idea about how we made it possible yet. During our two-day stay in Villasur-de-Herreros, 15 miles west of Burgos, we, 25 people, some of whom already knew each other, some not, shared experiences and feelings: we laughed, cried, smiled, contemplated, kept silence. Gathered in a circle, we looked Deep into the notion of gift (“regalo”) and how this notion stirs us considering our life experiences. What does a gift mean to us? What kind of gifts have we ever received/given? By the way, could a gift be given and received at the same time? Doesn’t the sender enjoy as much as the addressee does? On the contrary, as one person mentioned in the circle, will people take advantage of me if I start being ... Read Full Story

Fridays For Future!

Mar 30, 2019, 7 smiles By now, almost everybody knows Greta Thunberg, the 15 year old girl who is protesting against Climate Change and for Climate Justice in front of the Swedish Parliament every Friday for the last 8 months. She is not going to school on Fridays because she feels our leaders and all of us are not doing enough to stop compromising the future of the coming generations. What is more important than that? As she says: ‘Our leaders are not mature enough to say things as they are, even that burden you leave to kids.’ ‘You say you love your children above all else, yet you are stealing their futures right before their very eyes’; tough as the truth. Her action has rippled out into Fridays for Future, a movement that answers a collective longing that goes beyond individuals, age, race or political color. The movement is anchored in unanimity by all serious ... Read Full Story

Latest Love News From Spain :)

Feb 17, 2019, 1 comments, 11 smiles Lately it has been marvelous to see the plethora and warmth of stories, reflections, experiments in generosity and noble friendships that emerge from local and global communities and ecosystems! We can see the 4 shifts happening (consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community, scarcity to abundance) and it’s a beautiful thing! Awakin Circles keep on and on in Burgos every week! And it’s because of volunteers like Arianna and Sylvia that we can make them possible! Now we are offering dinner every week and you can feel the magic of our interconnections growing! Every circle is a chant to collective wisdom and transformation like this one where we listened to few incredible kindness stories! And many of them inspired by what happens in and around awakin circles! It’s amazing to see how initiatives like the circles change the culture of a place without having anyone say: ‘this is the way ... Read Full Story

Conversation: Charles Eisenstein And Nipun Mehta

Jan 05, 2019, 21 smiles I'm part of an online course called 'Living in the Gift' with Charles Eisenstein, and one of the first sessions was with Nipun Mehta. :) It ended up being quite popular. Shared below with permission. :) Charles: This conversation was filmed at Nipun’s home in Berkeley, California, but we are just using the audio since the filming conditions were not ideal. Nipun is the founder of Service Space and, in my eyes, the godfather of the “random acts of kindness movement.” Although he would never say it, he is a man who walks his talk. I encourage you simply to take in his stories, as well as the content and tenor of our conversation, and let them work on you. Session 2.1: Conversation with Nipun Mehta Session 2.2: Follow-up to Conversation with Nipun Mehta Among the numerous follow-up stories, here was a sweet one by Jase McDonald ... Two evenings ago, I was cycling ... Read Full Story