About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I feel people in this family are connected to my values. All of you are an inspiration for me. You are being the change and that supports me being it too!!

A good day to me is when ... There are a lot of smiles around me and stillness in my mind

My hero in life is ...Collective: The african Ubuntu, The japanese Moai, The south american Pachamama...

My favorite book is ...The Power of Now, Siddharta, Ebano...

One thing I'm grateful for is ... For breathing, for noble friends, for food and shelter :)

Latest Love News From Spain :)

Feb 17, 2019, 1 comments, 11 smiles Lately it has been marvelous to see the plethora and warmth of stories, reflections, experiments in generosity and noble friendships that emerge from local and global communities and ecosystems! We can see the 4 shifts happening (consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community, scarcity to abundance) and it’s a beautiful thing! Awakin Circles keep on and on in Burgos every week! And it’s because of volunteers like Arianna and Sylvia that we can make them possible! Now we are offering dinner every week and you can feel the magic of our interconnections growing! Every circle is a chant to collective wisdom and transformation like this one where we listened to few incredible kindness stories! And many of them inspired by what happens in and around awakin circles! It’s amazing to see how initiatives like the circles change the culture of a place without having anyone say: ‘this is the way ... Read Full Story

Conversation: Charles Eisenstein And Nipun Mehta

Jan 05, 2019, 21 smiles I'm part of an online course called 'Living in the Gift' with Charles Eisenstein, and one of the first sessions was with Nipun Mehta. :) It ended up being quite popular. Shared below with permission. :) Charles: This conversation was filmed at Nipun’s home in Berkeley, California, but we are just using the audio since the filming conditions were not ideal. Nipun is the founder of Service Space and, in my eyes, the godfather of the “random acts of kindness movement.” Although he would never say it, he is a man who walks his talk. I encourage you simply to take in his stories, as well as the content and tenor of our conversation, and let them work on you. Session 2.1: Conversation with Nipun Mehta Session 2.2: Follow-up to Conversation with Nipun Mehta Among the numerous follow-up stories, here was a sweet one by Jase McDonald ... Two evenings ago, I was cycling ... Read Full Story

Wisdom Of Circles. A Conversation With John Malloy

Dec 26, 2018, 3 comments, 9 smiles As part of our Community Anchors mobious and dynamic process we have engaged in different conversations during last months! Labour of Love Values, Holding Space, Nurturing Ripples, Laddering Journeys, Engagement Spectrum… All of it and so much more! Few weeks ago we had the joy of spiraling up together in the wisdom of circles, in an amazing conversation with our inspired elder John Malloy. This was the first time we had a guest speaker in last month’s calls and it was truly delightful, deep and natural! Here you have some of the main insights and reflections from John and others. John dives into the wisdom of circles, the role of anchors and facilitators, the nature of human groups, different types of leadership… Almost everything John says gives for a ton of reflection. He is someone who says a lot even when he is silent; understanding, compassion, deep listening… we hope this ... Read Full Story

Intelligence Of The Heart

Aug 03, 2018, 4 smiles Two talks on engaging the intelligence of the heart ...