About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I feel people in this family are connected to my values. All of you are an inspiration for me. You are being the change and that supports me being it too!!

A good day to me is when ... There are a lot of smiles around me and stillness in my mind

My hero in life is ...The Power of Now, Siddharta, Ebano

My favorite book is ...Jayeshbhai Patel

One thing I'm grateful for is ... For Mother Nature, for its beauty, and for noble friends.

Spiritual In-best-ment :)

Mar 28, 2017, 3 comments, 16 smiles “When you invest in spiritual capital you are re-paid in coin-cidences” by Brother Miki Just 2 days in Spain after my trip to India, life offers some beautiful gifts. Yesterday we had a wonderful Awakin Circle in Madrid. More than 20 of us gathered in the simple yet powerful spirit of collective inquiry and co-creation, listening and community. Yesterday I felt clearly the depth and power of such timeless design & the service intention behind it... For many reasons, I felt gratitude. I felt gratitude for the elders of hundreds of cultures that have held such circles over history, I felt gratitude for our living elders who brought these circles to life, and left the door open, I felt gratitude for the friends at the amazing home La Sala Verde, who open their space for so many beautiful activities in Madrid, I felt gratitude for all the people in the circle, holding together ... Read Full Story

Around Peace Trees

Jan 02, 2017, 10 smiles For many cultures, trees have always been a source of inspiration and wisdom. They have also sheltered meaningful spaces where communities gathered to celebrate, remember or cry together. We could think we are disconnected from trees, we could think that our society doesn't value these amazing beings. The truth is that every activity we organize around a tree, or every time we talk about trees, everyone in the circle shows how much alive that connection still is. Whether we know it or not, we live in symbiosis with the trees, we couldn't survive without them. And it's so beautiful to witness us, as conscious beings, coming back to the trees to reconnect with them and share presence and feelings under their branches. Few days ago, around 40 of us gathered under a Yew Tree, a magnificent species with thousands of uses and meanings, to share silence and peace messages for peace in ... Read Full Story

" Every Thought Is A ...

Sep 27, 2016, 10 smiles " Every thought is a vote, every word is a vote, every action is a vote. True election happens within yourself "

ReLoveUtion Spirals Up!

Aug 05, 2016, 3 comments, 11 smiles “It is time to put together the Inner Revolution with the Outer Revolution”                                                   One Earth, One Flag Last days have been an incredible spiral of events and gatherings! We can call it many names but the ReLoveUtion in this part of the planet has definitely spiraled up! A dear friend says that for social change we cannot really do anything but create the conditions for that ReLoveUtion to happen. It looks like we are letting some things happen! Last week we had our 7th Karma Kitchen evening in the part of the planet we call Burgos, Spain! It was a wonderful gathering with many volunteers and guests! Some pictures show it better! We had friends from the parts of the planet we call India, UK, Portugal, France… A very international flavor ... Read Full Story

6 Karma Kitchen Evenings In Spain :)

Jul 12, 2016, 2 comments, 11 smiles Dear Karma Kitchen and Seva Café family :) It has been already 6 Karma Kitchen evenings in Burgos, part of the planet we now call Spain :) “No more pain in Spain” said Jayeshbhai when we left India 3 months ago :) Still far from that. Yesterday I learned how only in Spain 4.000 people commit suicide every year. Many of them at a young age. It looks like isolation and lack of empathy are some of the trigger points that make people take that self-destroying step. In the face of this reality, the facilitation of an emergence of a culture of kindness looks like something which goes to the root of such big problem. Thank you for what you are doing :) I think spaces like Karma Kitchen have a lot to say on this and I am sure you know this too :) I am so happy we are walking together ... Read Full Story

Smile Decks In Spanish Have Arrived!

Jun 20, 2016, 3 comments, 20 smiles Smile decks in Spanish are online!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!  So much goodness is going to come out of this! I'VE GOT A FEELING!!!!!  From the English Smile Decks, Jesús and I got really inspired and just wanted to have the same in Spanish! :)  We met in Málaga in Christmas 2014 (southern spain) and for few days we were working on them :) We wrote down many ideas and translated few from english... it was lot of fun, as we even thought of creating "Smile Deck: Extreme Edition" with ideas like "Go Volunteer in India for six months", or my favorite, "Meditate until enlightenment". hahahahha We had so much fun!  Then for sometime the process was on stand by, until Miki and I restarted the brainstorming while volunteering in Nandini Van (village service bus in India).  We wrote many new ideas, enough to create a whole deck! :)   Even more recently, Pancho has been really supportive, with kind ... Read Full Story

First Awakin Circle In Madrid :)

May 23, 2016, 13 smiles ReLOVEution continues in the part of the planet we call spain :) Just came back from Madrid where a group of 11 noble friends enjoyed the first Awakin-kinda-circle :) There was incredible magic in the room :) We did 1 hour of silence, and then opened the sharing with the reading "The Spirit of Gift". It was such a great choice which made us all look deep into our own gifts, the ones we are already expressing and those we want to express or explore more :) After the sharing Miki, Isabel (the hosts) and other volunteers served a delicious and simple dinner :). It's amazing to see how the magic of the Universal Silence and the Circles of Listening just work everywhere so well... Just that afternoon Miki and I had another sharing and a friend of ours shared how spirituality and "religious" practices had been privatized and dogmatized by institutions and how people now even ... Read Full Story

Thought By Vinoba

May 14, 2016, 8 smiles Thought of the day by Vinoba Bhave: “The one who eats is endebted to society; hence some productive work is necessary for spiritual practice. This does not conflict with the ideal of living on alms” Thoughts? :)

Satish And Sharing -- In Madrid!

May 09, 2016, 6 comments, 23 smiles Hello dears! This weekend was such a wonderful weekend for me in the part of the planet we now call Spain :) Me and Miki were invited to talk about our experience in India and with Generosity experiments in the context of a Degrowth gathering in Madrid. Degrowth is an economic paradigm and social movement which proposes us to reduce our consumption and increase the quality of our relationships through a process of slowing down and creating more collective and horizontal spaces of participation and decision. Just one day before traveling to Madrid from Burgos for the sharing, I got to know that our dear friend Satish Kumar was coming to Madrid to offer a talk :). Not only that, but he offered a walk in one of the greatest parks in Madrid, El Retiro (The Retreat ;) Saturday morning around 40 of us gathered in the park to follow the steps of ... Read Full Story

Karma Kitchen In Burgos :)

Apr 18, 2016, 8 comments, 22 smiles Happiness, Altruism and Abun-dance :) In times of experts and economic paradigms of separation, competitiveness and scarcity, a large group of volunteers gathered to explore how much truth there is in these paradigms and the opposites, happiness, altruism and abundance. We are told by some that economy is an indecipherable thing which belongs to Wall Street and some leaders trained at Harvard or Oxford, working at the IMF, but this is not necessarily what everyone believes in. Nor do many believe in the economic and organizational monoculture that we are usually offered... The exploration of new ideas and ways to organize is vital for a dynamic and constantly improving society. These days I was thinking about Mahatma Gandhi’s words, when he said that we do not fight against people who harm others (say: corrupt, violent, fearful), we fight against the source, the root cause of that harm, which lives in the mind of ... Read Full Story