About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I am moved by love, moved by the love of so many visible and invisible forces working relentlessly to serve each other... and Service Space is a place that provides a pollination platform to these forces while facilitating heart to heart connections !

A good day to me is when ... whenever I am fully present with friends, family, strangers, beings and surrounding, when I practice Guna Darshnam (observe and absorb virtues) and that brings immense goodness :)

My hero in life is ..._/\_

My favorite book is ...Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Siddhartha, Books by Vinoba Bhave i.e. Moved by love, Sun our friend, Geeta by Vinoba

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Life :) It's beautiful :)

Blessed Simplicity: Vasant Dada

Oct 14, 2018, 4 comments, 12 smiles This week, I had an opportunity to meet Vasant dada after about two years. Every time I meet him, he leaves a deep impression on me. Vasant Dada lives on natural vegan diet grown in his own farm and , is sustaining himself on this diet since last 45+ years. Vasant dada wears clothes spun by himself and every time Jayesh bhai visits him, he gifts clothes hand spun and woven by himself to Jayesh bhai. For last couple of years Jayesh bhai sends this clothes across oceans to dear brother Pancho in the spirit of Jai Jagat. Vasant dada and his brother Kanti dada dedicated their lives in the spirit of trusteeship. Both were part of Vinoba's Bhudan movement and were Shanti Sainiks (peace soldiers). They gifted acres of land across Gujarat, in the campus Vasant dada stays, he gave 1 acre land to a trust that runs free medical ... Read Full Story

Pollination And Cross Pollination: Samanvay Retreat @

Sep 21, 2018, 9 smiles 15+ NGOs, from across the country, whose founders/key members have been part of Maitri Space’ were sent an invitation to send two/three members from their eco-system. The invitation read: “When five unconscious sticks come together, the bunch becomes stronger; we can only guess the potential of five alive consciences coming together. At our Maitri space, we have a privilege of knowing many such organisations who brought together many such individual consciences and are together serving society while being the change. To take a step further, in the spirit of “moved to serve”, we are inviting 2/3 members from ten- twelve such organisations or groups who are serving together! We don’t know what would emerge from this gathering named “समन्वय” (samanvay) but we know that this gathering for sure shall deepen our spirit of Maitri. Some of the intended outcomes are to know each other well, to learn from strengths of different NGOs, to ... Read Full Story

Naahak Milan (Less-Agenda Gathering)

Aug 09, 2018, 1 comments, 5 smiles Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram completed 101 years, Gandhiji (founder of Ashram) left Sabarmati in 1930 to never return back while nurturing every nook and corner of Ashram for 12 years with the spirit of universal good. Post Gandhiji came many known (Ishwarbhai Patel) and less known servant ladders (Shri Parikshitlal Majumdar and Shri Thakarbapa) who invisibly laddered and lived virtues as old as hills. The cultivated space attracts many visitors, volunteers or guests coming to Sabarmati Ashram and primarily through countless spontaneous trips with Jayesh Bhai, either to a small village, a pilgrimage or just a Maitri gathering in Sughad. There is a magic in spontaneity, trusting the universe and not selecting who is coming and who is not, every soul who crosses your path is the right one with a message for you in the right time. After several experiments in Gandhi Ashram, from time to time we long ... Read Full Story

Maitri Space In The Month Of June

Jul 01, 2018, 1 comments, 10 smiles At the Gandhi Ashram here, we've had an ongoing stream of celebrations, retreats, traveling visitors and local community events that are building the field. We can feel all your support here, as kindred on this path of nonviolence and love ... World Environment Day: More than 50 preprimary school teachers along with ESI family members went on to pick plastic. They all collected more than 100 kg of waste stored in five bags, to be gifted to rag picker sisters. To collect 20 kg of waste one needs to bend at least a 1000 times, Jayesh bhai offered his tribute to mother earth saying it was an opportunity for all of us to bow with gratitude, for its the mother earth that is holding us with immense love. 17 June:101st year of Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram: This year Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram turned 101 years. In words of Gandhiji "The object of this Ashram ... Read Full Story

Types Of Leader/laddership : Awakin Ahmedabad :)

Jun 06, 2018, 4 comments, 17 smiles What an incredible Awakin evening it was in Ahmedabad! The Awakin reading was around leadership and we witnessed laddership at multiple layers... We hear so often that many guests plan their week's around Wednesdays and for sure Neil (who runs Awaz De )and Meghna and Madhu would plan every travel in such a way that they are present at Wednesday. Ever since the beginning of Awakin Ahmedabad, it was the first time when core anchors weren't physically present. Even Aarti ben who without failure visits Meghna's home to cook for last ten years, had to attend an urgent important program. Neil was traveling and our gracious host Meghna is outstation with her mother and Reva. Knowing both and Aarti ben won't be able to make to 6th June Awakin, it was to be announced that it will be canceled. As it was shared, Bhaumik, Rimpi and Chirag stepped up. They decided on ... Read Full Story

Laddering Love

Jun 04, 2018, 10 smiles Viranti dada (80+ years) is a monk who stays in Kabir Ashram where he nurtures plants,trees and noble intentions with immense love. Whenever he feels like meeting Jayesh bhai (another gardener at our Maitri Space), he walks down to ESI without any announcement even he has a cellphone. And every time he visits ESI, he finds Jayesh bhai as if he knows of Viranti Dada's visit as well. In one such visit during Gandhi 3.0 retreat, Viranti Dada shared his graceful presence, only this time with Jayesh bhai (JB) we had many others including Uncle Bruce. JB introduced Dada and shared about the heart to heart connection they have. He also spoke about the magnanimous generosity Viranti dada has, in the farm /Ashram he would climb trees to fetch fruits so that he can share with visitors. Once he fell down from the tree and broke his arm, yet he ... Read Full Story

An Ordinary Day !

Apr 10, 2018, 6 smiles On an any ordinary day at Maitri Space(ESI, Sughad), orientations on sanitation best practices, awareness about health and hygiene, value based education etc. are hosted for pre-primary school teachers. More than 10000 such teachers from across the state of Gujarat spent one day to few months staying at the campus. I must have witnessed multiple groups engaging in various activities beyond their scheduled sessions at the campus ranging from morning chanting (prabhat pheri), yoga, gardening, cleaning/washing and casual interaction with Jayesh bhai and other members at ESI. In one such recent interaction, celebrating the spirit of Master - in Hindi : Maa Sthar (Maa in Hindi means mother and sthar - level; Master - one who is of the level of mother) someone offered ice creams for Anganwadi teachers as they are masters of many children in their villages. It was a sight to witness how they were sharing all ... Read Full Story

Dustbins Of Love : Dil Ka Dubba

Dec 10, 2017, 4 comments, 8 smiles Yesterday was Imam Saheb's death anniversary, he came with Gandhiji from South Africa renouncing his established business and decided to settle in Sabarmati Ashram serving for the freedom movement. To give homage to Imam saheb, remembering the incredible work he did for communal harmony and for promoting Khadi, Jayesh bhai along with other residents of Gandhi Ashram visited Imam Manzil and also went to his graveyard and offered prayers and flowers. On the way back Jayesh bhai met an old friend Dil Khush bhai, hisbname literally means happy heart. Jayesh bhai asked DilKhush to come with him and have a cup of tea, and they visited the tea stall opposite Gandhi Ashram. Dil Khush' profession is to mend old tin cans into dustbins and even in the process he uses the waste tin sheets to make dust pans. His love to make best out of waste could be the core of his ... Read Full Story

Resurgence Gandhi Ashrams

Dec 02, 2017, 3 comments, 15 smiles To express gratitude to lineage, after 12 years Harijan Sevak Sangh (founded by Gandhiji in 1932) hosted an all India Gandhian Constructive workers conference at Kingsway camp Gandhi Ashram Delhi on 25-26 Nov. Chairman of HSS Sankar Sanyal (Dada) and founder of global interfaith WASH alliance, Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji put in immense efforts bringing diverse background of people including Vice President of India, senior government officials, ministers, grass root workers and leaders of different religions with an intention to convey the message of love and peace. To support the noble intentions, a team of 20 Karyakartas (servants) from Safai Vidyalaya, Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram went to Delhi four days in advance lovingly laddered by Jayesh bhai. At Kingsway camp campus, Safai Sadhak Ishwarbhai had built a toilet garden in 1960s to spread the message of importance of sanitation. However, it was it wasn't in a very good shape. The organizers of the ... Read Full Story

Nanu Maa : Alipta And Aatmiya

Nov 22, 2017, 4 comments, 9 smiles Nanu Maa, an elderly women whose generosity reaches far and wide since years experienced by many known and unknown brothers and sisters. Recently, she fell sick and learning about her poor health, Jayesh bhai rushed to her with few of us to ensure her well beings and needs. Witnessing the interaction, I felt it to be a sheer exchange of blessings. She was bed ridden for few days and even after that she ensured all the visitors receive water and are seated properly. She shared how she was inspired few years back with her limited resources she offered food to two children and how universe responded to her with abundance by receiving a pension she was expected from government but had forgotten. Ever since that incident she eats only after feeding children. Many of us know how generously she offered her home to Jayeshbhai, Virenbhai and Anar ben so that after ... Read Full Story