About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I am moved by love, moved by the love of so many visible and invisible forces working relentlessly to serve each other... and Service Space is a place that provides a pollination platform to these forces while facilitating heart to heart connections !

A good day to me is when ... whenever I am fully present with friends, family, strangers, beings and surrounding, when I practice Guna Darshnam (observe and absorb virtues) and that brings immense goodness :)

My hero in life is ..._/\_

My favorite book is ...Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Siddhartha, Books by Vinoba Bhave i.e. Moved by love, Sun our friend, Geeta by Vinoba

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Life :) It's beautiful :)

Cultivating Karuna (compassion) During Corona

Apr 24, 2020, 2 smiles Time for Karuna (compassion) during Corona With current Corona virus crisis all over the world, we find ourselves, afraid, uncertain and concerned. Millions of people have been affected worldwide, physically, financially and emotionally, and yet deep down we also feel the potentiality of transition from a consumption based world to co-operation and harmony. In these tough times, together with government, many individuals and organizations have stepped up to be of service, supporting communities with food distribution and essential supplies and through financial support to those affected. Many stories and experiments of Karuna (compassion) have spontaneously emerged to extend a supporting hand. Groceries for Gratitude: Environmental Sanitation Inatitute (ESI), founded by Padmashree Ishwarbhai Patel (toilet man of India) and Safai Vidyalaya, came forward to support migrants, day wage earner's and Ashramites (staying in Sabarmati Ashram) families with Groceries for Gratitude. When hundreds of people started migrating to their villages, day wage earners not ... Read Full Story

Dandi March By 10 Children Starting On 10 March 2020

Mar 13, 2020, 1 comments, 2 smiles 10 children from age group 8-16 prepared themselves to walk on Dandi path, where Gandhiji along with 78 people did Salt March for 24 days walking 384 kilometers, and on 10th March they embarked on the same path. They came two days prior from Bangalore and embraced themselves in Gandhi Ashram, staying in Safai Vidyalaya. We learnt that few of the teachers and all students from BeMe.org (a self paced learning center), prepared themselves for last three months for this walk. What enthralled us was their sheer excitement, joy and commitment. Having a privilege to spend few hours with them and to walk with them post a prayer from "Upasana Mandir" (prayer ground) at Gandhi Ashram, we were deeply moved by their presence. In many ways its historic that such a walk is commencing without any promotion, lead by deep intention of students facilitated by their teachers to live a community life while ... Read Full Story

Welcome Home !!!

Feb 08, 2020, 1 comments, 9 smiles Welcome home !!! “आप मेरे घर चलिये “, come to my home, she invited with grace! We were at the bank of Narmada, waiting for a boatman to take us across to Kabirvad. But we got late and there could be no boat for return journey. We were spending time at the banks and there this group of children came running, their school got over and they were to go home across the river. The same boat that we were thinking to go, which we couldn’t, the children settled in, as this boat will take them home. In our conversation, they learnt that we intended to go to the other side but can’t, understanding our intentions the elder girl offered us - “come to my home, welcome home!!!” I was jaw dropped, she doesn’t know anything about us, not even our names (we didn’t even exchange our names) and with her magnanimous heart ... Read Full Story

World Flag Spotted Outside Toilet In India

Nov 22, 2019, 6 smiles Cross pollination to Inner pollination: Jai Jagat Mitra Milan Pavnar:- Reflection 1: Celebrating 125th birthday anniversary of Vinobaji, connecting hearts 💕 more than 125 groups of friends from across the country came together to spend 3 days (15,16,17 Nov.) at Brahmvidya mandir pavnar. To host 1500 people, teams of volunteers reached early to ensure stay, food and sanitation facilities etc. Our team from ESI, Safai vidyalaya took charge of building and maintaining temporary toilets. 10 people reached few days early and constructed make shift toilets - with macro and micro scopic details. A flag of Jai Jagat was kept at the same time a rangoli of heart was made using stones, sand, sticks and ash. A toilet 🚽 with a quote of Vinobaji’s mantra “मल दर्शनम” was placed reminding of impermanence (अनिच्च्या), what we eat shapes in different forms and if used properly there is no waste. In fact “energy can neither be ... Read Full Story

Ganga Gandhi Samanvay : Post 2

Nov 19, 2019, 1 comments, 6 smiles Continuing from the invitation and reflection from first post on Ganga Gandhi Samanvay: Beginning of pilgrimage: Bhojan and Bhajan Jayesh bhai’s mother made Sukhdi (Gujarati special sweet) and through out the way whomever came to our compartment, was offered sweets. Moved by this gesture one of the peanuts vendor offered a packet of peanuts not accepting any money in return. Food connects, shared with love builds deeper bonds. We all reached Haridwar and from there took an auto – accommodating 9 of us together, we reached Rishikesh. Nandini, who was one of the co-creeator of this retreat, was part of one of the Samanvay retreat in Maitri space came to receive us with immense love. Rishikumar’s greeted and welcomed us in Parmarth Niketan spread at the banks of Ganges. Friday morning our retreat begin with a circle at Parmarth Ghat. Nandini welcomed us all at home, a home that hosted hundreds of thousands of ... Read Full Story

World Flags Spotted Across India

Nov 05, 2019, 1 comments, 21 smiles To celebrate Vinoba Bhave's 125th birth anniversary, 125 "One World Pilgrimages" (Jai Jagat Maitri Yatra) from across India are convening in Pavnar on November 13th. More than 1500 such pilgrims are taking part in these blessed journeys. Many are walking, many are cycling and many are traveling by road and train, all in the spirit of cultivating and deepening the spirit of goodwill (Maitri) rooted in "Jai Jagat" (One World). Inspired by Pancho, and thanks to some anonymous donors, every pilgrimage is carrying a Jai Jagat flag with it! While the flags shall be blessed by noble intentions across the country, the spirit of Jai Jagat shall spread to the entire universe through the winds, through our shared consciousness.

Ganga Gandhi Samanvay : 1

Oct 24, 2019, 2 comments, 9 smiles Recently some of us assembled in Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh for a Ganga Gandhi Samanvay. Invitation read: As Mahatma Gandhiji is not merely a human being but the ever flowing and timeless pursuit of truth and a beacon of light to all seekers, this unique and first ever Samanvay Retreat in the sacred space of the world famous Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh strives to allow us to take the auspicious occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Ba (Kasturba Gandhiji) and Bapu (Mahatma Gandhiji) to reflect on how we can keep their example alive in our own lives. It strives to bring the confluence of Gandhian Principles together with the way of life and flow of spirituality on the holy banks of Mother Ganga, where for centuries sages, rishis and Yogis have done Tapsya/Sadhna, penance! With morning walks, Yoga, sharing circles, deep reflections, sacred Ganga Aarti, Satsang and so much more we welcome you ... Read Full Story

A Pilgrimage To Pavnar: 125th Birth Anniversary Of

Sep 23, 2019, 3 comments, 12 smiles Jai Jagat Vinobaji, during Bhoodan movement in his 13 years 13 days long pilgrimage across India, would go to people and say “Jai Jagat”. People would wonder and ask it doesn’t make sense to say “Jai Jagat” to these villagers, they even didn’t visit nearest town, what would they know about the world? But Vinoba in the spirit of “yatha pinde, tatha brahmande” (universe resides within) would say- the message of "hail universe" would be taken across by the birds, the flowing river and the wind... During his travel more than 40 lac acres of land was gifted to him, to be distributed to landless laborers. The sole purpose of my life is to connect hearts, he would say. On his 125th birthday some of us had an opportunity to be in presence of this saintly spirit at Brahm Vidya Mandir, Pavnar, founded by Vinobaji for awakening of highest truth (brahma) through ... Read Full Story

Samagrata - Village Immersion: Jul 2019

Jul 24, 2019, 1 comments, 5 smiles “The soul of India lives in its villages” – some of us experienced it in our “Samagrata retreat” village immersion in Punadara and Waghjipura. As he arrived home, witnessing two of us sitting casually, he immediately got in action – arranged two Chaarpais, with beds, bedsheets and pillows offering his whole presence in truest spirit of Aatithya (hospitality). Not knowing who he was, I guessed it must be Jyotsana’s father, soon I learnt that he is her grandfather and is 85 years. I was in awe and jaw struck knowing his soulful spirit. Jyotsana, stayed and studied two years’ teacher training in Gandhi Ashram, is eldest daughter in a joint family and has 7 sisters, she cooked herself and offered us lunch in her humble home. I will never forget the taste of curry she made! On asking what she remembers about the time she spent at Ashram during her study, ... Read Full Story

Seeds Of Silence And Ripples In TCS

Jul 16, 2019, 2 comments, 8 smiles 93+ Associates of TCS sat in golden silence for 30 minutes on international Yoga day (21 June). To me, it is one of the most memorable day of my 12+ years in TCS. As we often speak, we don't know the ripples of even a single individual sitting in silence for even a minute, for sure I don't know where the ripple of this collective silence was planted. However, I have good fortune of having known few incredible individuals who with their consistency planted seeds of this experience. It was a co-creation of many individuals who brought flowers, decorated the space pouring in fragrance of their sweat, created a beautiful rangoli keeping charkha in center, many individuals even got their mats to offer for unknown individuals, our Meghnaji offered the speaking bowl we use at Awakin Ahmedabad while Pratyush shared insights about setting the intentions in the beginning and more ... Read Full Story