About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I am moved by love, moved by the love of so many visible and invisible forces working relentlessly to serve each other... and Service Space is a place that provides a pollination platform to these forces while facilitating heart to heart connections !

A good day to me is when ... whenever I am fully present with friends, family, strangers, beings and surrounding, when I practice Guna Darshnam (observe and absorb virtues) and that brings immense goodness :)

My hero in life is ..._/\_

My favorite book is ...Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Siddhartha, Books by Vinoba Bhave i.e. Moved by love, Sun our friend, Geeta by Vinoba

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Life :) It's beautiful :)

Fountains Of Wisdom

Dec 21, 2016, 6 smiles On 10th Dec, few of us visited Pedambali village, where we are hosting Gramya Manthan winter edition between 17 - 25 Dec. (more details shall follow),  we spent time with elders and with one of the most inspiring couple at Jaldeep and Snehal's home.  We saw this hand drawn picture of Gopal dada, teacher of Ishwar dada by our very own Lahar, from the favorite song of Gopal dada amongst thousands of songs he knew - "thy resides in every country, stream with many forms and names  but is one- Jai Jagat ". We all were moved with the wisdom, poured in these few words. As in next few days more than 40 youngsters from very diverse background from across India (14 states) were to stay in this village with the spirit of Jai Jagat ! Gopal dada smilingly singing for universal good ! On our way back we met - Vasant dada, who was ... Read Full Story

Dreams And Heaven

Dec 09, 2016, 8 smiles "Thank you for an uplifting and inspiring day. You have opened my eyes and opened my mind, and truly accept my deep thanks to you!" shared Jack, while Kavita shared that "it was an overwhelming visit to the Safai Vidyalaya and ESI and we cannot express in words how you and the work you are doing so humbly and passionately, made us feel…" Recently, we had some visitors who became family members in a visit including director of Indian Institute of Public Health, Prof Dileep Mavalankar, Ms Kavita Sachwani, director of India's largest personal health insurance co and Mr Jack Langenbrunner, Sr Program manager at Gates Foundation to Safai Vidyalaya and our Maitri Space, Sughad. "service is external meditation and meditation is internal service"  One of the thing that struck a no coincidental cord that in an interaction with pre primary teachers, Jack shared that he had a glimpse of heaven at this place (ESI). When Jack and friends were leaving ... Read Full Story

What A Gift :)

Nov 28, 2016, 3 comments, 17 smiles What a gift to have Zilong sharing his presence with us in India and singing song of love !!! Of so many ripples that his sheer being brought, sharing one of it captured and shared by Nitin, another brother embarking on world peace on bicycle on the very own bike gifted by Zilong !! Such a blessing to witness such ripples spreading far and DEEP !!!  

Moved By Love : Saarda Baa - Wisdom And Practices Of A

Sep 30, 2016, 1 comments, 11 smiles I met Saarda baa for the first time at Dada Vaswani mission, Pune where I saw her with Neeti didi. I felt she is grandmother of Neeti didi, only later I learnt that there is no blood relation of her amongst any of us but of heart relation with all of us. In afternoin at Neerad bhaiya's home she insisted and instructed Sheetal Ben that Neerad shall have his first meal after his recovery (after more than 4 months of wait) prepared by her only. I also learnt that at the age of 90 she volunteered to read Gujarati wisdom writings to another sister during her last few months. When she had to decide about her prospective groom, she went to spent time with him and his family to understand whether she would be a fit in that household, it was and still is very unconventional in India and only after assuring herself she decided ... Read Full Story

Beauty Is God's Handwriting

Jul 20, 2016, 11 smiles "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." said Ralph Waldo Emerson and we witness such a beautiful way of beautifying the campuses founded and taken care by legends such as Gandhiji and Ishwar dada complementing God's handwriting. Recently, more than 500 saplings are planted in beautiful and sacred Maitri Space aka ESI Sughad at Ahmedabad where our moved by love retreats are hosted ! On 13th July, the very next day more than 250 trees are planted at Gandhi Ashram - PTC institute and blossoming HeArt Center premises ! In last two months, in Mehsana Harijan Sevak Sangh campus more than 350 trees are planted, in Godhara Harijan Ashram 300 trees and in Godhara girls hostel more than 250 trees are planted, almost every institute founded by Gandhiji under Harijan Sevak Sangh (20 educational premises), across Gujarat  are planting trees, wherein the students own each and ... Read Full Story

Inside : Outside; A Visit To Tihar Jail

Jul 11, 2016, 3 comments, 13 smiles Last Monday, I happened to visit Tihar Jail, south Asia's largest prison complex with one of my colleague to impart training to identified inmates who would impart literacy to functionally illiterate inmates.  After an hour long wait, when we entered prison#2, we didn't anticipate that the next few hours would be going to be insightful and surprisingly inspiring. We were received by Guddu, only after an hour we realized he was also one of the inmate and because of his good conduct, he was given the role of in-charge education initiative. In last few years, he pursued nine degrees in fields varying from masters in social work,marketing, value education etc. Profoundly sharing - an empty mind invites, negative thoughts. We learnt that he has imparted literacy to more than 500 inmates.  All our belongings were kept outside the prison and we were literally locked in Prison #2 till the time we were inside. ... Read Full Story

The Tree...

Jun 15, 2016, 1 comments, 16 smiles

Manav Sadhna - Planting Seeds & Serving Humanity

Jun 12, 2016, 8 smiles "To see things in the seed, that is genius - Lao Tzu !" Bharat, incidentally sitting under the very quote at Maitri Space... In a recent orientation session of Manav Sadhna, hosted at ESI This person Bharat opened up and what he shared moved me at the core ! He was a shoemaker 10 years back, he used to earn 30-40 rupees (<$1) a day and was in all kinds of addictions be it drugs, drinking, smoking ! Fortunately he came across Manav Sadhna (MS), rather patrons of MS Our Jayesh bhai, Viren bhai and subtly Anar didi, Vandana didi and the family came on his life ! He started attending some classes hosted by Jayesh bhai and Viren bhai on road side. Once he happened to share his struggles ( both parents not earning and that he is into addictions) with Jayesh bhai,  holding the space Jayesh bhai showed confidence in him and told ... Read Full Story

Smile Deck And Serendipity :)

May 05, 2016, 14 smiles Yesterday, I was coming back from a CSR panel discussion hosted at Adani management institute, I saw two men,totally strangers heading towards outside the huge Shantigram Campus. Knowing its almost difficult to find a taxi, I stopped by and asked if I could drop them somewhere. They happily accepted the offer, on the way I asked where they are heading to and the responded CG road (Ahmedabad, India). I couldn't resist myself suggesting them to explore Seva Cafe for evening dinner and explained them the concept of it. We learnt each others name - Veerubhai, Murli Manoharji and me (Kishan), knowing my name and learning the strange concept of Seva Cafe something made Veerubhai very happy and he played flute in his cellphone and told me to listen to it, it brought a big smile on my face :) Feeling their enthusiasm, I asked them to pull a Smile Deck and ... Read Full Story

A Letter Of Gratitude

May 02, 2016, 6 smiles Recently 60 selected primary school teachers from Ahemdabad Municipal Corporation were hosted at Safai Vidyalaya for a training to nurture and strengthen the value system facilitates by internal and external cleanliness. One of them was Mr Devendra Anand. On completion of the training, Devendra reached out to Jayesh bhai and thanked him. As usual and as he would do with every person, Jayesh bhai wished him best for the wonderful work he was doing with all his love, moved with tears of compassion Devendra shared a letter with him telling, you might not remember me but I remember you almost every single day.  In the letter, he mentioned that in 2003, when he was struggling with financial issues, Jayesh bhai made arrangement for finances and also connected him with a friend who assisted Devendra in completing his dessertation on library science, with help of that he could complete his education. He wrote further, because of ... Read Full Story