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I'm joining Service Space because ... I value having a community with which to practice 'inner work' while engaging in 'outer projects'

A good day to me is when ... I'm breathing :)

My hero in life is ...So many :)

My favorite book is ...So many :)

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Love

Buddha Root Farm And Understanding Mahayana Buddhism

Aug 07, 2019, 6 comments, 19 smiles "You have stumbled upon the 5 schools of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, in the lineage of Master Hua." After the first day of retreat, where I was constantly asking questions, Rev Heng Sure said this to me as a precursor to lots more sharing in the coming days. These were very meaningful days in my life. I recently returned from my first meditation retreat that was not in the SN Goenka tradition. Lots of learnings from this and I thought it would support me to process through writing. The retreat was in the tradition of Rev Heng Sure, who so many have been inspired by in our community. The retreat was their yearly 'Buddha Root Farm' retreat in rural Oregon (the picture above is the path to our campsite). Several folks in our ecosystem have attended before (including my partner!) but it was my first time. Master Hua lecturing in 1975 Master Hua ... Read Full Story

10 Minutes In Lotus

Jul 29, 2019, 6 comments, 20 smiles Building on what Angela just shared, here's a bit more from Pancho today from the migrant community he is in connection with- ------------------------- [I've been taking folks from where they were released to the refugee shelters in la Divina Providencia en el Cañón de los Alacranes. If our intention, as servers of the Universal Love, is to facilitate our collective healing, there's no reason to not bring them from the concentration camp-like conditions directly to the beach and ocean. Sometimes there are ways beyond words in which Nature heals us.] Today I was driving a van to pick up ~60 refugees --in 3 trips--coming out of the CBP detention center, aka the U.S. Border Patrol prison-- sometimes they, who have been flown from Texas, have not had water to drink in 3 days! Unbelievable cruelty... When i first meet these children, they have a lost and sad gaze, an unexplainable wound unfathomable for ... Read Full Story

Work + T: Show Me That You Care

Jul 29, 2019, 1 smiles This month's 'Work + Transformation' newsletter is themed Show Me That You Care. Welcome to Work+Transformation! More fun tidbits this month on how to bring our own journey of self-discovery into the workplace - all the touchy feely stuff you all know and love ;) Happy summering!

Ankit In NY Times!

Jul 23, 2019, 3 comments, 13 smiles Great to see Ankit in the The NY Times! The story doesn't start far enough back, but those in Laddership Circles would be quite familiar with it -- but inspiring to see the ripples onwards and outwards. :)    Feeling Lonely? Perhaps You’d Like to Talk to Some Strangers - The New York Times To fight isolation, several groups are working to create in-person connections by bringing strangers together.   Few stats from the article ... For public health officials, there’s an urgent need to heed that call. Dr. Vivek Murthy, a former Surgeon General of the United States, called loneliness an “epidemic” and told The Washington Post that its health impact was as severe as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Others have linked chronic loneliness to weakened immune systems, worsened cognitive function and an increased risk of cancer. Some researchers doubt loneliness is higher today than it has been in the past, but recent surveys reveal ... Read Full Story

Perfection Is Not The Goal. It's An Action.

Jul 13, 2019, 1 comments, 16 smiles [Beautiful reflection by Claudia Escorza, after a recent retreat at Banyan Grove.] Perfection is not the goal, it’s action. I have only been an Animal Rights activist for a couple of years, but ever since I became one, I’ve developed a keen interest in exploring myriad tools to help me nurture my mental and emotional health. In this line of work, you are confronted every day with the devastating suffering that animals endure; it can be debilitating and get in the way of the very contributions you intend to make for them. I am fortunate enough to work at an organization where the culture for self-care is booming, where everyone seems to be increasingly aware of the perils of burnout and the importance of avoiding it. As part of those efforts, all staffers were extended an invitation to attend a five-day silent meditation retreat at Banyan Grove. An incredible gift with obvious benefits for ... Read Full Story

Work + T: Why Silence Is Being Heard In The Corporate

Jun 26, 2019 This month's 'Work + Transformation' newsletter is themed Why Silence Is Being Heard In The Corporate World. Welcome to Work+Transformation! Summer is upon us and perhaps there's a bit more spaciousness to try new things in your professional context. We hope these tidbits might spur some creativity to experiment with :)

Work + T: Gratitude As A Path To Dissolve Financial

May 29, 2019, 1 comments, 1 smiles This month's 'Work + Transformation' newsletter is themed Gratitude As A Path To Dissolve Financial Scarcity. Good day! In gratitude for your attention :) This month, an eclectic mix of finance and gratitude, more on skillful feedback, a book review, and an interview. Wishing you well!

Work + T: The Startup Empathy Dilemma

Apr 30, 2019 This month's 'Work + Transformation' newsletter is themed The Startup Empathy Dilemma. Thank you for your continued interest in how the professional environment can be a context for self discovery. This months topics - empathy, gratitude, hierarchy of needs, and implicit bias :) Hope something catches your eye!

Regenerative Living: The Banyan Grove Toilet

Apr 16, 2019, 5 comments, 15 smiles Banyan Grove is a relatively new gathering place in the ServiceSpace ecosystem. I think it's pretty great :) Yes it looks good, but for me, the approach is what really speaks to me, and I wanted to highlight one place in which that approach plays out - the toilet. In my world, we talk a fair bit about this concept of regeneration. It's used a lot in some agriculture circles. The concept is fundamentally about leaving something better than we find it. And the path there is about understanding nature - that over time, abundance inevitably arises when we surrender to nature. The below graphic is one that'll I'll keep referencing to this end. The Toilet System On the Banyan Grove volunteer team, I've been the one most focused on sanitation. I've felt like I won a sort of prize as that shook out, given that many of my inspirations focused on sanitation ... Read Full Story

Work + T: Hacking Inner Peace

Mar 27, 2019, 4 smiles This month's 'Work + Transformation' newsletter is themed Hacking Inner Peace. Welcome to spring! Wishing you a joyful season with nourishment of head, heart, and hands. This months eclectic mix includes perspectives on transformation from technology, sociology, entrepreneurship, and religion. Be well!