Open Volunteer Position: Awakin Call Copy Editor

Team Info:

Awakin CallsEvery week, we have an "Awakin Call" with leading and inspiring individuals who are changing our world. The call touches on their inner journeys and outer work in the world. Our transcription team works off machine-generated transcripts to produce faithful transcripts of the conversation. It is an opportunity for deep listening and engagement with shared wisdom of leading figures.


Volunteer Role:

Awakin Call Copy Editor
Engage deeply with the wisdom of noted speakers, and help produce an edited transcript of our Awakin calls. Because our transcription is done by multiple team members who take 10-minute segments each, we need a single editor with strong grammatical skills to clean up inconsistencies and grammatical errors across segments. This transcript has the potential to spread quite far, from ServiceSpace blog to, so we would like to have the transcribed segments reviewed by a copy editor before the transcript goes live on our website.


More Context:

This is a remote volunteer opportunity, but will require editing one transcript every month (approximately 6-8 hours per month).


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