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Overflowing Cup Of Joy Posted by Micky O'Toole, Feb 16 2016 My cup is overflowing. I just got off the Laddership call, a weaving the first three Laddership groups hosted by Nicole and Zilong. It was so good to reconnect. I'm writing because this is where we share stories! {{{Birju}}} These are stories we need. I had a beautiful tapestry of events today. I listened to Mike Dooley's Awakin Call finally and then did some reading about Gift Economy. My question to Zilong was, "I published a book. I am gifting 50 percent -- my 50 percent. The other 50 percent is going to my husband, my patron of the arts. But with that half we're paying for bills and debt, so should I say 100 percent?" Love Not Fear As everyone shared thoughts and experiences with this I realized that I asked that question out of FEAR. It was like -- "If I

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