Ignorance, Hatred, Illusion

Posted by Rahul Brown on Jul 7, 2012
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Recently, Pancho was attacked while taking a train home late at night.  In what was apparently a gang initiation, Pancho got punched in the throat and then the ear in an unprovoked act of aggression.  Would we be better off without people who violently and senselessly attack a true torchbearer of non-violence?  No, we need these people. when blows struck Pancho’s body, love burst forth from his heart.  “I love you brother.  You don’t have to be doing this,” said Pancho to his attacker.  They don’t teach you how to respond to that in Assault 101, so the kid battering him was confused enough to slow down for a minute.  Looking him in the eyes and speaking straight from the heart, the attacker couldn’t help but be pulled into a conversation.  Worried that the gang initiation was going sideways, the attacker’s gang mentors stepped in to try and raise the level of fear and violence, but Pancho’s grounded vibe of goodness was too deeply anchored.  The whole encounter ended in a handshake between attacker and ‘victim’ with Pancho later quipping about how we all have to prepare for these “Julio Diaz moments”.  Though it seems counter-intuitive, Pancho needed the worst in his attackers to come out so that the best in him could also emerge ... in Finding Value in Hatred, Ignorance and Illusion  

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Comments (3)

  • Kanchan Gokhale wrote ...

    wonderful piece Rahul Very reflective....

    habibi panchito - love you more and more, every moment!

  • Ana Miller wrote ...

    That is true unconditional love at its best, to choose to act instead of react.

  • Ilonka Wloch wrote ...

    Rahul, thank You sooo much for sharing this. I'm too choked up to write more. To me Pancho's action is an undeniable evidence of just how powerful LOVE is.