From A Conversation At A Gas Station

Posted by Bradley Stoll on Nov 9, 2019
A few months back, I drove down to Tijuana to visit Pancho and spend time with the community at the US-Mexico border, where he has been volunteering.

In the spirit of connecting with others, and cultivating trust, I had wanted to see if I could make it down without using any of my own money.

At a gas station, one young man, Isaac, offered, "All I can do is $40, but I really want to help you." It was amazing. As we got talking, I learned that he makes short documentaries and is all about communities and connections!

Couple months later, he had made this 10-min film -- featuring some familiar faces (:

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Comments (8)

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    From a gas station connection to a beautiful film -- amazing, Bradley!

  • Ariel Nessel wrote ...

    Wow! I just watched the film with my son. Obviously there was a way you showed up Bradley that inspired Issac, pulling him into this emergent story that uproots the story of separation.

  • Richard Whittaker wrote ...

    Thank you Bradley for sharing this beautiful story and film.

  • Varsha wrote ...

    Extremely moving...teared up while watching and thinking of all our brothers and sisters on the move.
    Another Casa de Paz is born.

  • Pavi Mehta wrote ...

    Such a powerful ripple of your pilgrimage and the deep intention behind it Bradley, Thank you.

  • Brinda Govindan wrote ...

    Wow Bradley! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sharing this with many others.

  • Rick Brooks wrote ...

    Excellent pictures and stories in the video. I will gladly share it with friends and colleagues who have not been at or near the border to experience what you depicted here. Many thanks!

  • Marian Brehmer wrote ...

    So powerful and deeply moving, thank you for doing this important work.