An Experiment In Prayer And Art

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Jul 23, 2009
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[ Photo of wall-sized painting by Jonathan Mason ]

Good things happen in the most unexpected places!  After a beautiful Wednesday night, with a surprise guest speaker, we were all feeling the love as Jonathan, Pancho, Sachi and I were carpooling back.  It must've been past 1AM, when Jonathan turns to us and says: "I have to tell you a story.  Everytime I think of this story, I just start to cry.  That's why, I think I should do something about it and perhaps you guys can help."  It's the story of Jonathan -- an incrediblly gifted artist  -- drawing a post-card for a terminally ill child, as an expression of his deepest prayer for the child's goodwill.  "I just feel like I melted, and I'd like to share that experience with others."

We dialogued a bit: "So you draw a post-card for someone in need of a prayer?"  "Exactly."  "I can't draw, but it's the intention that matters, right?"  "Absolutely.  You could even do stick-figures."  "Can I do a poem?"  Yeah, any expression is fair game.  Most important is to feel the goodwill in your heart."  "Ok, so, then, all four of are game!"  "Can we just implement this tomorrow?"  "Let's do it!"

"Incidentally, a friend of mine is going through a really rough patch.  Why don't we just start sending a prayer to their family?" I say as I share the letter that I had received earlier in the day:

You may or may not know this but Amit's mom has been undergoing chemo over the past several months.  She has stage 4 cancer that has spread from her breasts to other parts of her body.  Amit has been going to Phoenix--pretty much on a weekly basis to be with his mom and to give his Dad support.  The good news is that Bhanu Auntie is a very strong lady and is loved very much by her husband, Madhu Uncle, and her two boys, Amit and Tushar.

Early yesterday morning, Madhu Uncle had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because he had a stroke and an aneurysm!  The details are sketchy at the moment since none of us are medical professionals, but we do know that Madhu Uncle (a prominent and busy pediatrician himself) had at least one surgery yesterday to relieve pressure to his brain.  The prognosis is unknown at this point, but he remains in a coma.

As you can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for the family.  I guess I am writing to all of you to keep Uncle and Auntie in your hearts and prayers for a speedy recovery--as well as Amit and Tushar to give them strength to get through these challenges.

Amit didn't ask me to send you an email, but I took it upon myself because I just figured the more good vibes they get the better.  I wish we could give him a million Smile Cards right now.  (I love you Amit).

By 4AM in the morning, Jonathan had already gone home and emailed us how this would work:

Get info on the person who needs help, the particulars of the situation perhaps a picture of them.
Next step is to do a Metta practice -- a Buddhist meditation in which loving kindness is sent to all beings in all realms of existance -- for the person(s) in which you see them clearly in your minds eye and then imagine surrounding them with intense love, positive healing spiritual energy and light.  Hold this intention for a little while until you can feel the flow continuously.
Then you can create a physical creation of this blessing in the form of a get well card, a poem, a collage, any form of art that can inspire.  Your level of artistic ability doesn't matter; if you put enough love and postive energy into the object you create,  even stick figures will have a uplifting effect on the person. This object can also serve as a reminder of the transmission that occured during the metta practice actually reviving the energy every time it is viewed.

The primary key to this practice is creating a strong intention/energy of love to flow towards the person. It has been shown that sending such powerful healing energy of love has the ability to not only create a positive impact of the person, but it changes your neural activity too.
Have fun with this.  It is a beautiful practice that I have benefitted from.  And thank you so much for your intentions!

So we decided, right then and there, to make this happen the next day itself.  Four of us were going to hold Amit's family in our heart, express our goodwill through a post-card, scan it in and post it up on this blog entry, and maybe even mail it directly to the family.

If you feel moved to join, please do!  Simply leave us a comment below and we'll write back to you with info on uploading your expression of art.  In the next day or two, we will post four of our expressions in the comments below too.

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  • Shephali wrote ...

    Lots of love and support to Amit and his family through such trying times. And of course such a beautiful idea can only come from such a beautiful person - thank you Jonathan.

    Itís an honor to be able to do this. I havenít really cried during my fatherís recent stroke, two of my uncleís heart attacks, my best friendís lymphoma, and now her dad still in ICU with a non-functioning heart, but I read this blog entry and I donít know what happened, but I just started crying for no apparent reason. So what Iím trying to say is, I think there is something to this. :)

  • Chenee wrote ...

    Thank you for letting me be a part of the healing intention revolution. I'm sending my light and love to Bhanu and Madhu -- may all of our prayers open the door for healing. Here's my expression of art:

  • Shail wrote ...

    Amit and his family have always given so much to others and hopefully we can give something in return and provide some positive and spiritual healing.

  • Alpa wrote ...

    Thanks Nipun, for keeping Amit in your heart and mind.  It seems that the meditations may have already helped some since Uncle is in stable condition--he has not awoken yet, but this is a good sign.

  • Arpi wrote ...

    I'm in.

    Thanks Nipun for sharing this, as everyone needs a little bit of help to stay strong. I know Amit and his family can feel our vibes and prayers :-))))

  • Pancho wrote ...

  • Pallavi wrote ...

    I am Shail's mom. I am praying for Amit's family since Shail told me about it.  I always believe in prayers.  I know it works like a miracle.  Hope he gets better soon. 

  • Shruti Prakash. wrote ...

    We are in too!  We will be praying for Amit and family and wish them strength in every situation!

    May you be safe!
    May you be healthy!
    May you have Peace!

    From Yajur Veda 3:60

    Om tryambakam yajaamahe
    Sugandhim pusti vardhanam
    Urvaarukamiva bandhanaat
    Mrityormuksiiya maamritaat

    We worship the three-eyed One (Lord Shiva)
    who is fragant and who nourishes well all beings.
    As the cucumber is severed from its bondage (to the creeper).
    May He liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.

    Hope they both feel better soon.




  • Trishna wrote ...

    An offering for Amit's family... wishing them strength and hope.

  • Bhavi wrote ...


    My love, support, prayers and positive thoughts are coming to you and your family.  I love you all so much I can't even begin to tell you. 


    God give amit, bhanu auntie tushar and uncle all strength during these times.  I pray Lord that you would oversee all the doctors and nurses working on uncle, send your angels to bring peace into that hospital room and the hearts of this family.  I pray that you would give the doctors and nurses your wisdom to do what needs to be done.  And may uncle have a fast and complete recovery.  I pray that you would perform a miracle in his life, let uncles recovery blow us away and let us give you the glory always.

  • Shela patel & Anil Mistry wrote ...

    I am Amit's masi.  We just went to visit the family on memorial weekend and stayed with my Jiju and ben.and Amit too..  What can I say but just this,  Prayers never go wrong.  We pray with all our heart and mind and medidate on my Jiju's name and ben's name so they both get well soon.  Today , this is my wish .  The power in prayers with help them to overcome this hard days and everything will be fine soon.  My jiju need Dua and dava and both are with the family now.  Sree Ram bless the family and Hanumanji give the power and strength .  Sree Ram..

  • Charmi wrote ...

    When I was facing a tough time, I asked God if there were good people still left in the world? In the next week, I met Madhu Uncle and Auntie ... they gave me lots of love and blessing to me everyday ... I never ever met person's like Madhu Uncle ... I love him like a father ... he is always telling me that miracles will be happen so I know miracle will happen for him too!

    Shree Sai Sharnam Nam!

  • Ashish and Purvi Sekhda wrote ...

     Hi Amit,

      Our deepest prayers are with you and family. I am sure miracle will come true for your daddy. He has done good things for many people and sure enough god will look out for him.  If you need any help do not hesitate to ask.

  • shela & anil wrote ...

    Thanks everyone .  Just remember hanumanji's chalisa which is so powerful,

    Nase rog hare saab pida, japa niranter hanumat vira

    sangkatse hanuman chodave man karm vachan dhyan jo lawe.

    Jai hanumanji And my prayers to my cousin and nephews.


    Love Shela masi


  • Renu wrote ...

    I have asked my friends of many different faiths to pray for you and your family. I pray for your strength to see you all through this time  of uncertainty.  Your DC family is always here for you.

  • Richard wrote ...

    Many blessings, Amit!

  • Jonathan wrote ...

    I am overwhelmed by the spirit of kindness love and magniminity that has been in response to this.  Thank you so much!

    My prayer ...

    Although it may seem like
    the world is falling apart,
    underneath it all there
    is a great big heart
    and many hands to hold
    you and beating drum of the
    universe; aum, aum, aum
    to bless you. Wisdom knows
    that eternal life flows through us
    and we pray it will be at its
    fullest with all of you!

    And this is what I drew while I was praying:

  • Arpi wrote ...

    Agajaanana Padmaarkam
    Gajaananam Aharnisham
    Anekadantham Bhaktaanaam
    Ekadantam Upaasmahey

    Meaning:I worship day and night that elephant faced Lord Ganesha who is like sun to the lotus face of Mother Parvati. Giver of many boons, the single tusked Ganesh, I salute Thee to give e a boon.

    Tatpurushaaya Vidmahe
    Vakratundaaya Dheemahe
    Tanno Danthihi Prachodayaat

    Meaning: We meditate on that super power, we invoke the single tusked boon giver, Ganesh

  • Bela wrote ...

    I have always repeated this mantra during times of fear, uncertainty, and turmoil...the power it has had to bring hope and positive change have been proven to me over and over each time I have recited it with utmost faith and concentration.  I am reciting it for you and your family now.

    Namo Arihantanam

    Namo Siddhanam

    Namo Ayariyanam

    Namo Uvajjhayanam

    Namo Loe Savva-sahunam

    Eso Panch Namokaro


    Manglananch Savvesim


    Padhamam Havei Mangalam

  • Well Wisher wrote ...

    He is nice person and people needs him around for his kind nature and doctorate service.  Doctors are God to patients for taking away their pain and give them good healthy life. We are not alone as family and friends in wishing him good health but all his patients had been prayring and wishing him good for his service.  Have a faith in god and he will be alright. I am praying for his good health.

  • Jyotish and Dipika Soni, Edmond, Oklahoma. wrote ...

    Dear Bhanuben, Amit, Tushar and extended family,

    We are deeply shocked and saddened when we heared about Madhu Dungarani's sudden and unexpected critical illness. This is indeed very difficult time for you all. We know for sure that Madhu and Bhanu are both extremely kind, compassionate, and loving couple and all their life they have committed endless acts of kindness to a large number of people. Almighty GOD has certainly witnessed this and we pray from our hearts that GOD will give Madhu and family the strength to endure this difficult times. We wish full recovery to both Madhu and Bhanu and our prayers are with you all.

    Jyotish and Dipika Soni

  • 4 Year Old wrote ...

    Below are expressions from 2 year old and 4 year old:

  • mitu915 wrote ...

    this is so touching, beautiful, and healing both visually and through the language.  I'm sending my heartfelt wishes and many blessings of love and light to Amit and his family. I hope all the love will light&lift up their family in their challenging time . <3 <3

  • Sachi wrote ...

    Sometimes it may feel Lonely and all very complicated!
    but if you step back and look around you,
    YOU will see your angel right besides you,
    holding the lamp giving you all the Light, support, energy, love
    and strength you need to travel the difficult times :)

    I meditated for an hour and sent metta to Amit's family.. Have a little story behind that too which I will share later, but here is the picture that came out:

    Sending Loads of love, Metta and prayers to Uncle, Aunty and Amit!

    Peace, Love and Smiles :)

  • Somik wrote ...

    I have a story to share for Amit. When my grandparents were terminally ill, my father requested for a transfer to Calcutta (where they were) to be with them and take care of them. I love them very much and so got to spend some time with them in that period.

    One thing that remains etched in my memory is that, in the middle of all that was happening, my father was completely calm and one day, he told me, "It is a great privilege to be able to serve our parents when their time has come. Only lucky people get this privilege. I had prayed hard to be able to get this privilege and I am so grateful to be able to serve them."

    Amit -- you are fortunate to get this privilege. I hope I do too. Lots of metta, strength, courage and love to you. I will keep you and your family in my meditation today.

  • Birju wrote ...

  • Tulsi AND wrote ...

    Thanks for great creation. We are praying for you both bros. Madhubhai and Bhanuben are in our thoughts and mind and prayers. god bless.

  • Niluka and Vinod Patel wrote ...

    Dungarani family,

     When I think about Dr  Madhu Dungarani ,flood of memores  of his kindness,very gentle and caring.I believe in miracle.That is my hope

  • kalpana and kirit wrote ...

    Dear Bhanuben,Amit,Trushar,Nanima and family

    Our deepest love and prayers are constantly going on for the family.The man who has served anyone whom he came to know with smile and selfishness at anytime needed some break to make others understand him better and serve him! God has always got ways to creat situations and then uplift the life.He gave lot of strength to both the Moms and we all admire it.Love to everyone for their dedication and hope for the best recovery.

    If there is some defination for true love, this couple is the one to prove it.


  • Krishna & Ratna wrote ...

    Hi Amit,

    Our deepest prayers to Dr. Dungarani and you all and we wish him the best and hope he recovers soon.  I know God is there to take care of people in need, who may not physically appear but I am sure he is taking care of Dr. Dungarani and your family.  We pray for his speedy recovery.

  • Ahwatukee Chandler Bosom Buddies wrote ...

    Dungarani family,

    Bhanu is part of our BOSOM BUDDIES breast cancer support group "sisters".  Sending many thoughts and prayers your way for a miraculous healing.  Keep hoping, keep believing, keep praying.

  • Jean wrote ...

  • Lavanya Nadimpalli wrote ...

    Dr. D is our kids Pediatrician.

    But to us he was like a fatherly figure. Gave us all the support in raising kids with health issues.  We want him back and well. We pray with all our heart and soul.

    Pranav & Vinita miss you, come back soon Dr.D.

  • Pankaj wrote ...

    Amit, you and your family are in my prayers. I firmly believe in the power of prayer and love to help us get through any hardship in our lives. You are surrounded by those who love and care for you and we are here anytime and anywhere you need us. Thank you Nipun for sharing this.

  • kirti and shobhana shah wrote ...


    Dungarani family,

    Our prayers are with all of you. We wish all the best for Madhubhai and Bhanuben's health.

  • Gloria Celaya wrote ...

    I have had the honor of assisting Dr. D @ Chase Bank. He is a wonderful person, with a very respectful disposition. You, his family, are blessed. I, also, believe in the intense power of prayer, therefore, be assured that all of you are in my prayers.

  • Random Good Soul wrote ...

    [A random act of kindness dedicated to the Dungarani family.]

    A neighbor looked frazzled and was limping towards the elevator. When I asked her, “What’s wrong?” She replied that she had hurt her knee in yoga class. I offered to drive her to hospital. I spent the rest of the evening storytelling to keep her distracted from the pain and we both were laughing so hard that other people joined in the conversation. It ended up being storytelling hour at the urgent care in Falls Church. She was so appreciative since she was scared to admit she didn’t want to be alone. Later that weekend I was waiting in the lobby of a bank waiting for a thunderstorm to stop. A gentleman came into the bank, unfolded his umbrella and looked at me. He said, "Here, do you need an umbrella? Take mine." At first I refused because I thought he was a customer like I was who would be leaving again soon. But when he told me he had an office in the building and always kept a spare umbrella at work, I smiled and accepted his generosity.  Life does pay it forward when you least expect it.

  • Kinjal, Palak, Chetna & Chandrakant wrote ...

    Amit & Tushar,

    Best wishes and lots of pryers for Madhu and Bhanuben' health

    kinjal,Palak,Chetna& Chandrakant

  • The Jensen Family wrote ...

    We were shocked when we heard about the trials that the Dungarani's have been going through.  Dr. D was our son's pediatrician when he was born over 17 years ago. Dr. D made himself available whenever and wherever needed to treat our 3 son's.  This is a family that has given so much to their community regardless of personal reward or convenience.   

    A prayer will not go by without mentioning both Dr. & Mrs. D.


  • Random Good Soul Pair wrote ...

    [A random act of kindness dedicated to the Dungarani family.]

    Over the years, I am certain that your father has brought joy and health (albeit with a few crying children after their shots) to a great many families. To continue supporting his dedication to children while he is recovering in the hospital, Sonya and I have made a donation in his name to the Make-a-Wish foundation of Arizona. Although your dad has spent his career devoted to children, I am sure that he will appreciate the foundation bringing smiles and joy to children in Arizona while he still recovers.

  • Madhu, Anil & family wrote ...

    Hi Bhanu, Madhu, Amit & Tushar... We are all here for you, and are praying that you all get through this difficult time... O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin Humri uljhan suljhaao bhagwan Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin Tumhe humka ho sambhaale Tumhe hamre rakhwaale Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin Chanda mein tumhe to bhare ho chaandni Sooraj mein ujaala tumhe se Yeh gagan hai magan, tumhe to diye ho isse taare Bhagwan, yeh jeevan tumhe na sanwaaroge To kya koi sanwaare O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin - 2 Jo suno to kahe Prabhuji hamri hai binti Dukhi jan ko dheeraj do Haare nahin voh kabhi dukh se Tum nirbal ko raksha do Reh paaye nirbal sukh se Bhakti ko shakti do Bhakti ko shakti do Jag ke [...] See full comment.

    Hi Bhanu, Madhu, Amit & Tushar... We are all here for you, and are praying that you all get through this difficult time...

    O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare
    Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
    Humri uljhan suljhaao bhagwan
    Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
    Tumhe humka ho sambhaale
    Tumhe hamre rakhwaale
    Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin

    Chanda mein tumhe to bhare ho chaandni
    Sooraj mein ujaala tumhe se
    Yeh gagan hai magan, tumhe to diye ho isse taare
    Bhagwan, yeh jeevan tumhe na sanwaaroge
    To kya koi sanwaare
    O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare
    Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin - 2

    Jo suno to kahe Prabhuji hamri hai binti
    Dukhi jan ko dheeraj do
    Haare nahin voh kabhi dukh se
    Tum nirbal ko raksha do
    Reh paaye nirbal sukh se
    Bhakti ko shakti do

    Bhakti ko shakti do

    Jag ke jo swami ho, itni to araj suno
    Hai path mein andhiyaare
    Dedo vardaan mein ujiyaare

    O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare
    Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
    Humri uljhan suljhaao bhagwan
    Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin

    Love & Prayers From,

    Nanima, Madhu masi, Anil Masa, Reena, Vikash & Kiran

    Hide full comment.

  • RGS #2 wrote ...

    [A random act of kindness dedicated to the Dungarani family.]

    Yesterday my co-worker and I were headed to a microfinance discussion panel. We left work a little bit late and were rushing to get downtown (NYC) before the discussion had started. On the panel was the President / CEO of Accion USA, a prominent microfinance institution, the Dean of the New School and a Professor at NYU School for international development. My co-worker and walked up to the subway turn-style and he realized that he had no money on his Metro card. No biggie, I swiped my card for him. I was surprised to see it paid forward that very night. I got home late from work and my head was hurting b/c I hadn't really eaten much throughout the day. I rushed to my new favorite spot, Taco Bell, across the street from my apartment. I walked up to the register only to have the cute girl behind tell me that they were closed. I gave her a sigh and said ok. I was about to walk off and she was like, wait, we can take one more order. It was close to 10pm and I don’t know what I would have cooked at home b/c I had no food in the fridge. Plus, there aren't very many food options around the neighborhood. I was very thankful she opened the register for me. I went to bed a happy man!

  • Sima wrote ...

    Amit, I am deeply touched by you and your family's courage and positive outlook during this difficult time.  Sending healing prayers and peace and strength to your family.  I will keep your mom and dad in my prayers.  I truly believe they are receiving all of the beautiful prayers from friends here and elsewhere deep in their hearts.

  • Ketan & Vidya wrote ...

    Dear Amit, Trushar, Masi and Masa:

    The strength of prayer is amazing. We, humans and physicians often predict possiblities based upon what we know. The fact is that we know very little of the superpower. We just do our Karma to apply bandage and healing comes from there. May God continue to give a stength to your family  and a faster recovery to your parents. Our prayers are with you.

    असतो मा सद्गमय तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय मृत्योर् मा अमृतं गमय

    ॐ शांति शांति शांति


  • Katie D. wrote ...

    Amit, we've never met, but I offer this art as a result of my prayer.  May peace surround your heart!

  • Damania Family wrote ...

    To the Dungarani Family,

    We send our prayers and good wishes in this time of need. We are always thinking of you and your courageous fight! You will emerge victorious! We continue to send positive thoughts and prayers as is the rest of the community!


    The Damania Family

  • RGS #3 wrote ...

    [A random act of kindness dedicated to the Dungarani family.]

    In regards to your request regarding kindness, this really got me thinking about not just one act of kindness I could do but how I need to incorporate into my daily life.  I have started by spending more time with my patients in the clinic and talking to them about other things besides their cancer, learning more about them has helped establish a more meaningful relationship.  One example is a patient I am currently treating, he is a 70 year old man that had a long standing history of alchoholism and smoking coming in with head and neck cancer.  My preconceived notion was here is another guy off the streets that doesn't care about himself and will be a pain to give radiation.  He was very grumpy and closed off.  After I received your email I started to talk to him a lot more  and learned that his wife died suddenly due to medical complications and he was 28 years old with a 3 and 1 year old baby.  He never remarried and raised them on his own and has lived on his own, depressed pretty much his whole life.  Our relationship recently has really blossomed and it is a pleasure to see him regularly, I am working with his daughters on establishing a support plan for him for the long run and he is coming around on seeking help for his depression.

  • Mina & Ragesh wrote ...

    Madhu Bhai and Bhanuben, we wish you both well and please know there is always light at the end of the tunnel, this is a very difficult time for the family and we pray that Almighty God keeps his gentle eyes on you and gives you all Strength to overcome this illness.  We love you and look forward to your speedy recovery.         

    From The Chandler Team

  • John Sara and John-John Cava wrote ...

    To the Dungarani Family:

    Our prayers are with you during this unfortunate time.  Dr D has given my son John his devoted attention over the years, and we wish him and Mrs. D a successful recovery. 

    The Cava Family

  • Tarlok S Chugh wrote ...

    Respectable Madhu Bhai & Bhanu Ben

    May The Almighty  WaheguruJi Bless you with speedy recovery & health.

    Our prayers are with you.

    Chugh Family

  • The Thompson Family wrote ...

    To the Dungarani Family,

    I was in such shock when I heard about Dr. Dungarani yesterday. Our family was just in to see Dr. D beginning of July as one of my daughters had an ear infection and the other a throat infection. Dr. D in his normal calm, gentle, comforting way made them instantly feel safe and secure reassuring them they would both feel better before we left on our summer vacation. We spoke about Mrs. D and how she was doing (keeping her in our prayers) I told him I would be in touch when we returned from vacation. I called the office yesterday to speak with him and was told the unfortuanate news. However, I have been reading all the great positive stories and random acts of kindness and it truly is a great way to honor, support, encourage and give strength to the Dungarani Family.  Dr. D has been more than a  Pediatrician to our family he is an Angel!!!!  Always there for us no matter what time or day of the week it was to care for our girls and you could bet he would always have a lolly pop in his pocket. We will continue praying for the family and sending positive thoughts their way.

    Love Always,

    DeWayne, Brandy, Kylee and Trya Thompson

  • Deena wrote ...

    God is putting your family to a test. Be strong and brave to meet His challenges. My prayers are for  jijaji, Bhanuben and you both brothers. Always praying  for a positive outcome and strength for you. I know your dad will get better and so will Bhanuben.

  • Raju wrote ...

    our prayers are with your family. --RAJU,MADHVI,PAYAL,POOJA

  • Dhruti wrote ...

    Dear Amit,

    I heard about your story from Sima Sanghvi. I can't imagine how it must feel to be in your position.  It takes a lot of courage and strength of heart to take things day by day as you must be doing.  I pray for that strength for you and your family.  I pray that the messages you receive from the doctors are not too overwhelming.  I pray that you can remember the good times.  I pray that you know your love is with your dad and mom.  I pray that you know you are doing the most you can.  I pray that these prayers and all the others soften the pain you must be feeling.  We are all connected someway and I know these prayers will help somehow. 

  • netika wrote ...

    Dear Amit and Family,

    Every morning I pray for all, but particularly for someone I don't know - I dedicate that to you and your family and also the metta from every one hour sit. 

    Warm hugs

  • Jayant Dadhania wrote ...

    Amit and Family,

    You may not know me personally but I am Mansi's brother from New Jersey. I have known your mom and dad for many years and have visted you guys in AZ many years ago. What a thoughtful way of dealing with the adversity that you guys are going through. I have never seen so much love, prayers and words of comforts coming from so many people. There is no doubt in  my mind about the power of prayer and faith and I wish nothing but the best for Madhubhai and Bhanuben. Yes indeed, random acts of kindness will futher our thoughts and enrich our lives. Please keep us informed of their progress periodically..

  • The Roberts Family wrote ...

    Dear Dungarani family,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily!  Dr. and Mrs. D are the best.  They hold very dear places in our hearts.  What a shock.  People who give so much......We are praying and believing.   We adore them and our lives have been touched by them forever.  

    Sarah wants to let Dr. D know that she loves him.  She is praying for him and Mrs. D.

    Chris wants to let Dr. D know that he ROCKS.  He is also praying for him and Mrs. D.

    We send our love and are forever grateful to them.

    The Roberts Family - Dave, Lisa, Chris, Sarah

  • medha mishra, Bangalore wrote ...

    Hey my heart goes out for Mrs. Bhanu and Dr. Madhu. I am sure they are going to bounce back with health and prosperity.  i pray to god, the almighty, to provide this family with loads and loads of strength to be able to go through such a tough phase and emerge as pillars of hope and courage. 

  • Raina B. wrote ...

     I love you Dr. D and Bhanu.


    I am praying with my whole heart and soul. 

    <3 Raina

  • Lucy and Lorena Magallanes wrote ...

    Dr. Dungarani and Bhanu have played an important part in our lives.  There are no words to express the sincere gratitude we have towards them.  We send them our love, thoughts, and prayers. 

  • Felicia Petrenco and Family wrote ...

    Dear Dungarani Family,

    May our caring thoughts bring you peace and comfort during this difficult time. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
    Dr. and Mrs. Dungarani are very special people in our hearts. Dr. D is the best pediatrician and a very good friend. We wish them both a speedy recovery. Never give up hope!  You can win this thing no matter what you may see or hear. Only believe!
    With Love,
    Cristian, Stefan, Daniel, Felicia and Vasile.

  • The O'Dell Family wrote ...

    Our hearts are heavy today.  Not having my boys sick since early summer my sons cough promoted me to call to take the boys in to see Dr. D  I had no idea until today.  My prayers are with you Dr. D and Mrs. D, Amit and your brother Trushar.  Dr. D has been such an important person in my son's lives.  He saved my youngest in the NICU when he was born with an infection, he was the only doctor my autistic son would let touch him.  His hugs and words of encouragment to me as my son struggled were of great comfort.  My boys always loved to go to see him, even sick, get a Dr. D hug and kiss on the check and the lollipop out of his pocket.  Mrs. D and Dr. D. gave up many a Sunday to open their office for us to see our boys and give them breathing treatments so they wouldn't have to go to urgent care.  Amit and Trushar, your parents are the kindest most loving couple and a great example of love and gentleness to others.  I will pray for their recovery and I look forward to hearing that you father and mother are on the mend.  I look forward to the sick visit when he can once again hug my children and hand them a will happen, with prayers and love.  Please tell them the O'Dell boys miss them.

    The O'Dell Family


  • Rustin and Sarah Harris wrote ...

    We are deeply saddened by the news of Dr. Dungarani. He and his wife have been a positive influence to our family.  Our children love him as their Doctor. His wife is such a pleasure to be around and they love their sons deeply.  We will continue to send love and hope their way.  We will pray and meditate; for we know that this is part of a healing process. 


    Rustin, Sarah, Abby, Royce, Raven and Rachel Harris

  • Saave been ]ndra Case wrote ...

    Words  cannot explain the love we have for Dr and Mrs D. we were patients  for 11 yrs, they are the most kind and wonderful people ever... I visted Dr D, several times in the care center, not once did Mrs D. say she was sick it was all about Dr.D, Those were the type of people they were, our family has cried so much in disbelief,, I cannot find another Dr,, that will ever care as much as Dr D. , they will always be remembered for the kindness and love they gave without a  second thought. Our prayers go out to the family, as they will be missed !

    The Case Family, Dale, Sandra, Justin. Hailey.Natasha.Rosemary .Olivia

  • The Morrison Family wrote ...

    Dr.D was my daughter Sabrina's doctor from birth She turned 17 may 2010. When she was born prematurely he would stay at the NICU with her.I remember the other doctors saying how he would sleep by her side and would'nt leave her. The Dungarani's were also very generous when Sabrina was put on a special formula that I could not afford and the state would not pay for they did. I was just told to pick it up at the hospital, it was a gift from someone and later I found out it was them! From that time on Dr. D became part of my family as well as Mrs. D did. I remember helping them with a gas station they owned as well and having lunch with their family as we were all one big family. Dr. D would always take calls no matter what time of day or night when my daughter was sick. then my Grandson was born in the middle of the night with an enlarged heart, Well we immediately said to call Dr. D and he and Mrs.D rushed to the hospital right away to take care of my Grandson and us as well. Both my Daughter and Grandson are alive and doing well thanks to them! I love and miss tehm very much! My daughter still has a real hard time with the loss of them, They will always be in our hearts forever!!

  • Michelle wrote ...

    I am absolutely breathless right now. .. I just found out that Dr. D passed away and my son is going to b devastated as I am right now:( somebody please tell me what happened! !

  • Najia wrote ...

    In the Arabic culture there is no greater bond than that between a family so I can only imagine the hardship Amit is going through. However, I strongly admire Amit's strength and pray that him and his family look back at this as an obstacle they overcame.

  • Ana wrote ...

    I wish love and strength to Amit.

  • pappu wrote ...

    Our prayers are with you and family
    Great idea!
    love and best wishes...