Money, Meditation, And Adult Development

Happy Fall time!  May this missive support your path of self-discovery in the context of professional life!  This particular newsletter highlights a few friends of this space as they offer in-depth reflections.  More details below! Regards, Birju

Adult Human Development

Business leader Nitin Julka spends several years focused on trauma and unconscious work, discovers wide world of continuous inner development, and shares it here through a synopsis of over a dozen books on the topic. Read Full Story »

Meditation is More than Stress Relief or Enlightenment

Exploring the evolving phase of western approaches to meditation, expanding beyond the approach of wellness alone. Underneath it is a question - are the multi-faceted benefits of advanced meditation possible for anyone? Read Full Story »

Family Constellations, Our Parents, Life, and Money

Podcast host and money guru Cleona Lira interviews Barbara Morgan, a leader in the intersection of family constellations. Together, they dive into the unconscious psyche, the formative role of family in shaping it, and it's impact on business and finance. Read Full Story »

Much Ado About Money

The Art of Accomplishment podcast dives into the money topic from the lens of a business leader and executive coach who also brings long-term non-dual teachings and practices to his work. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

There's a lot here.  If you're into it, take the time to go through it.  And if it resonates, ask yourself 'how can I grow a practice, place it in my calendar, and routinely ask myself questions on MY inquiries on these topics?'  Wishing you all the joy and heart opening :)