Moving Beyond Trauma To Serve With Love

Hope you are enjoying the summer!  We are back with content specifically around the topic of leadership and trauma.  What is it?  How does it play a role in a professional context?  How to engage skillfully with it?  Please do read on! Regards, Birju

Finding our Way

Founder of major philanthropy organization, Peggy Dulaney, reflects after 30+ years of service. How we serve is colored by our own inner life, and without engaging the deeper unconscious, she has seen how we can self-sabotage our highest intentions. Read Full Story »

Shadow and Leadership

Leaders of major coaching group, Reboot, with a dive into why developing more intimacy with one's unconscious can be a major boon in more effective leadership. They outline CEO practices for 'shadow tracking' and 'shadow casting' Read Full Story »

We Need More 'Good Conflict'

Centerpiece story from Time Magazine taken from a book on navigating conflict effectively. As it has been said, saying no to conflict is saying no to relationship. So then what is 'good conflict'? Read Full Story »

Trauma Deep-Dive

Marketing head for major tech company (and my former classmate!) reads through MANY books on trauma, synthesizes them, and distills the key lessons he is bringing into his professional work and leadership. Yes please! Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Try the shadow tracking exercise.  Put it on your calendar to do in once a quarter.  Takes 30 minutes max, but could be huge overall gain!