Identity Yoga

Wishing you all an expansive springtime!  This newsletter- a stretching of self-identity as a growth practice; grief in leadership; the systemic blindspots of the 'emotional intelligence' concept; and further inquiries into listening as a practice.  Regards, Birju

Identity Yoga: The Short Version

Charles Davies outlines an explanation of how to step into one's discomfort zone through a verbal sleight of hand. It's a do-it-yourself practice to unearth your unconscious stories and change how you show up personally and professionally. Read Full Story »

Are You OK?

A Reboot essay on the space for grief when in a leadership role. Grief can be the beginning of a reformation of identity, as prior suppositions fall apart, and can take years. Powerful tool of transformation, but can be inconvenient when guiding groups! How to navigate? Read Full Story »

The Repressive Politics of Emotional Intelligence

Just as there has been a deeper exploration of the blindspots of the mindfulness movement, comes a similar inquiry into emotional intelligence. It's a razors edge between a tool for self-discovery and a tool for continuing corporate hegemony. Read Full Story »

Different Ways of Listening

Many of us have heard of 'helping, fixing, and serving' as a framework for ways to work in the world. This essay delves into how listening plays a role across that framework, going all the way into the far reaches of listening as a tool of self-inquiry. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Take 5 minutes and practice Identity Yoga.  Find a recent time where you felt something was 'not OK' for yourself or another - and flip it!