The Sociocracy Experience

Wishing you all a lovely start to the warm season!  This month we explore group decision-making, dissolving conflict, work beyond an office setting, the process of projecting stories onto money, and a closing offering.  Grateful as always for your attention.  Regards, Birju

Sociocracy: The Movement

One of the leaders of the sociocracy movement describes what it is and why it is meaningful. As a collective approach to relating and deciding, it has gained momentum as a thoughtful way to re-approach many of our western cultures unconscious group processes. Read Full Story »

Human Psychology is Easy

Are we really that far away from understanding each other? What does it mean to 'find common ground'? Is compromise another way of saying 'nobody is happy'? The author spent a lifetime negotiating peace, and helps us apply the approaches in life. Read Full Story »

Work - A Broader Inquiry

A 'labor of love' Zine put together to explore various dimensions of right livelihood, from a beginner's mind perspective. Articles exploring the impulse for work, the ceremony of work, work as 'non-doing' and more... Read Full Story »

The Money Worries of the Financially Wealthy

What is money to you? Money is a story, but not everyone's story about money is the same. This essay unpacks what we project onto money, what insights that can give us about ourselves, and invites possibilities of playing with the stories as part of the self-discovery process. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

ServiceSpace, the all-volunteer run group behind this newsletter, will be offering a curated 1 week experience on the topic of transformation + business, starting this Sunday, April 4th.  If you wish to join many others holding questions of inner transformation in a workplace context, and experiment with your head, hands, and heart - apply here.  As with all things ServiceSpace, this is a gift for you.