Consent-Driven Decision Making

Welcome to Work+Transformation!  This month touches on broader topics of sociocracy, money work, trauma, and deep adaptation.  Enjoy!  Regards, Birju

Accessing Group Wisdom when Making Decisions

One of the core elements of sociocratic governance, this essay touches upon practices of consent in group decision-making. Includes offering simple tools to use during meetings, check out the infographic inside for quickly sharing with others too. Read Full Story »

Freeing Our Projections on Money

Interview between Lilou Mace and Peter Koenig, who has spent a lifetime focused on the inner work invited by money. This conversation focuses on what we project onto money, and how that can evolve through conscious practice. Read Full Story »

'Leadership Trauma' and Response

Essay on how this concept of leadership trauma is a particular blend of inner churn that is more likely to be brought up through organizational responsibility. Lots of interesting suggestions on how to be in relationship with it. Read Full Story »

Why Make Time to Feel When There Is a World to Save?

Essay from international development leader, focusing on the value of inner work even in contexts where it seems there isn't time due to tremendous suffering. It's a heartful exploration of what happens when a culture decides that there isn't time to feel, due to the noble intention of solving problems. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Each of the links offers a couple possibilities of action.  One idea just to get the ball rolling - next decision-making discussion, ask where people are on the consent spectrum.  Till next time!