A People's Orientation To A Regenerative Economy

Welcome to the fall season!  Perhaps the most interesting fall of our lives thus far.  This month, a reflection on what regeneration means from a justice lens; engaging with work hours from beyond a westernized lens; and covid-19 as a trauma incubator along with it's impacts.  Wishing you strength and spaces for joy as we feel through these rare times. Regards, Birju

A People's Orientation to a Regenerative Economy

Regeneration has an ecological component, but also an individual and a social component. This treatise is on the latter, inviting creative approaches to a regenerative social process, particularly for those most marginalized by the 'infinite growth' paradigm. Read Full Story »

The 300,000 Year Case for a 15 Hour Workweek

The Financial Times with research on what work was like in the pre-agricultural age. Given that this period is thought of as 99% of human existence, lots of learn about how we are adapted to work. Read Full Story »

Lifelines: How COVID-19 Creates 'Pre-Traumatic Conditions' in the Brain

Rates of depression have tripled over the last 6 months, with Covid-19 a major reason. Here's some context on the mechanisms of how that works, and small approaches to counteract. Read Full Story »

The Subtle Ways Trauma Affects Your Life

Trauma isn't simply the big things that our culture would have us believe. The subtlety of the unconscious makes its way into our professional (and personal) lives as an undercurrent of life. Here's more on examples of how that happens. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

What would it mean to take care of yourself at this time?  What would it mean to take care of others in a way that doesn't push beyond your boundaries (and is thus joyful rather than obligatory)?  Be well!