Connecting Individual And Societal Change

This month we explore research work that one organization (Wellbeing Project) took on over 3 years, and highlight another conversation series that has been inviting hard conversations on living through systems breakdown.  Whatever your meta-narrative, I hope you appreciate the diversity of perspective shared here. Regards, Birju

Connecting Individual and Societal Change

Stanford Social Innovation Review highlights the research of The Wellbeing Project. Hundreds of leading social entrepreneurs from Ashoka, Skoll, etc engaging with inner work to evolve the service that is done - and the findings are... Read Full Story »

Post-doom: Conversations Exploring Overshoot Grief, Grounding, Gratitude

Conversation between human development pioneers Terry Patten and Meg Wheatley, focused on living into meaning in a context that is breaking down. Holds an inquiry about systems breakdown, unconditional service, and the Shambhala Warrior approach to life. Read Full Story »

Regulating Emotions: The Premier Skill of the 21st Century

Research highlighting the relevance and importance of emotional capacity. Names importance of regularly having conversations incorporating something around the question 'how are you feeling?' Read Full Story »

7 Principles of Meaningful Relationships for Servant Leaders

Trans-personal coaching org Reboot highlights key principals from which to offer during these rare times. Plenty of action steps highlighted as well. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

What does wellbeing look like for you at this stage in your work construct?  What does it look like to grow in wellbeing so that you can continue growing in your learning?  How to not get caught in trap of 'too busy' in these times? Take 5 minutes to reflect.