The Spiritual Growth Of Wealth Redistribution

Welcome to this months Work + Transformation newsletter.  This month we check out some deeper reads on topics broadly connected to the major narratives of this period - pandemic and social equity; along with inner development practices to engage with those topics.  Wishing health and heart connection to you and yours. Regards, Birju

The Spiritual Growth of Wealth Redistribution

If you can believe it, there are investment funds out there that work from a thesis of wealth redistribution. Read more to explore one investment managers experience de-centering a profit motive and using that energy to channel finance to build wealth/resilience in communities that have historically not had it. Read Full Story »

Signs that Your Shadow is Present

Those of us in leveraged positions with power and money and fame still have an unconscious. Here's more on (a few) examples of how it can manifest, and how to grow so that one does not keep repeating patterns that undermine our intended outcomes. Read Full Story »

This Too Shall Pass

The Collective Psychology Project released this paper on mourning collective loss in times of covid-19. It provides a deeper, secular context for the value of pausing in these times. Read Full Story »

Frameworks for Self-Development

Forte Labs interviews Joe Hudson, who specializes in self-discovery in business contexts. He shares here how self-development is applicable to organizational settings, and examples of frameworks to utilize beyond singular approaches to mindfulness. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Pick a practice from page 5 of 'This Too Shall Pass' and try it out.  Put a weekly calendar block for yourself to try it for the next month.  At the end, reflect on how it feels, and what it is teaching you on showing up at this unique time.