Financial Bypassing

Happy 2020!  Grateful for your attention in this new year.  Hope the topics for this month support your journey!   Regards, Birju

Financial Bypassing

Coach and guide, Jac Okeefe shares a talk at SAND conference on the topic of how 'spirit-minded' folks can silo out their financial lives and not examine it. If you use money, you have a relationship with what money does. She helps unpack the journey of becoming conscious around money. Read Full Story »

Exile Nothing

Ali Schultz of Reboot shares a reflection on the broader ramifications of the unconscious in the workplace. She begins by framing anger, although we quickly see she is pointing to what is much subtler. Read Full Story »

Firing is Never Easy

Jerry Colonna reflecting on making another unconscious process - the process of disentangling from an organization - a conscious one through being willing to feel through it. Very difficult in today's litigious world, but his point is there is always room at the edges to take a tiny step towards waking up. Read Full Story »

What Meditation Can Do For Your Leadership

A breakdown by Harvard Business Review of what the ramifications are of a meditation practice. How behavior changes, and how culture changes. They end with a recap of the practices that can bring this about over time. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Read through the practice outlined at the end of 'Exile Nothing' - engage in it.  It was the potential to be quite powerful, and if you feel called to share/write about it, I'd welcome reading!