The Most Important Leadership Skill Is Radical Self-inquiry

Welcome to this month's Work+Transformation!  In this newsletter, we focus on the journey of human transformation from the lens of the business workplace.  This month, we have reflections on self-inquiry, leadership capacity, passion, and 'dark' emotions.  Wishing you a joyful holiday!  Regards, Birju

The most important leadership skill is radical self-inquiry

Jerry Colonna shares a reflection here about just how far-reaching personal reflection impacts an individual, an organization, a community. 'Leader' here is broadly defined, not simply a person at the top of a company. Read Full Story »

Change leader, change thyself

McKinsey & Company has been asking the personal transformation question for many years. While this structured paper is slated to optimize leadership capacity, more deeply its a roadway towards being more skillful in any kind of broader ecology. Read Full Story »

3 reasons it's so hard to 'follow your passion'

90% want it, about 20% have it - passion in your work. The research at HBR finds that a reframing can help - it may not be about 'finding' your passion, but 'developing' it, and connecting it to purpose... Read Full Story »

Accepting your dark emotions is key to psychological health

Turns out neglecting negative emotions doesn't bring us piece of mind. Anyone would read the sentence and say 'duh!', and yet, we all have a subconscious :) How to not only focus on happiness but notice and accept a broader flow? Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Whatever you read from this newsletter, put a system in place for you to build a habit around it.  How will you try it out?  How will you follow up so you don't forget?  When will you reflect?  Put in the time to create that structure!