Show Me That You Care

Welcome to Work+Transformation!  More fun tidbits this month on how to bring our own journey of self-discovery into the workplace - all the touchy feely stuff you all know and love ;)  Happy summering! Regards, Birju

Show Me That You Care

'I don't care what you know until I know that you care' - so how exactly to do that in a workplace setting? Powerful reflection on how to feel/think in that direction and make changes based on it. Read Full Story »

Definitive Guide To Difficult Conversations

*Spoiler* I don't think its definitive :) But I do think it's a valuable perspective. It's certainly an edge to walk, bringing up a topic that we know leads to reactivity. And yet, not bringing it up can also be unskillful. This is one example of how one can walk the paradox of 'bringing something up' while not 'bringing it up' Read Full Story »

Making Empathy Central to Your Company Culture

HBR with organization question of what it means to start valuing empathy (and eventually compassion?) from a group perspective. Ideas include highlighting norms and empowering culture leaders in new ways. Read Full Story »

Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Amy Edmondson's TedXTalk on psychological safety in workplace. She studied it so much she wrote a book on it :) Especially valuable in a VUCA world. key elements- framing work as about learning first not necessarily execution first, acknowledging fallibility, and modeling curiosity. Quite a paradox, best path to execution is to not prioritize execution :) Read Full Story »

Be the Change

If you're in a position of power, touch on your own fallibility this week.  If you don't feel you're in a position of power, highlight behaviors in your workplace that you'd like to become a norm to raise the profile of such approaches.  Till next time!