Why Silence Is Being Heard In The Corporate World

Welcome to Work+Transformation!  Summer is upon us and perhaps there's a bit more spaciousness to try new things in your professional context.  We hope these tidbits might spur some creativity to experiment with :)  Regards, Birju

Why Silence is Being Heard in the Corporate World

Forbes sharing more on how and why meetings all over the world are now being started with a 'mindful minute' and 'check-ins.' there are many reasons to implement these tools, and now businesses are seeing their value as well. Read Full Story »

Expanding Our Duty of Care

The founder of the Benefit Corporation movement shares a perspective on the analogue of the modern business motive with the 'exploiter' mindset. He then contrasts this with a 'farmer' mindset. Finally, he explores examples of a farmer mindset being applied to organizations that create food, clothing, and shelter without breaking down communities or ecosystems. Read Full Story »

Kindness as a Key to Business Life

A business leader identifies for Entrepreneur magazine the value of kindness as a business practice - not just to grow the bottom line (although that can happen), but to expand the concept of what the bottom line even is. Read Full Story »

Building Relational Trust

A podcast featuring the leadership coach, therapist, and former VC Jerry Colonna with author and educator Parker Palmer. They discuss how the unconscious of a business leader flows through an organization, and how to grow through that. By the way, Jerry's new book, Reboot, is getting rave reviews. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

What would a farmer mindset look like in your workplace?  How could you build 1 small block of additional relational trust at work? What is one small act of kindness that could be a part of your business practice?  Is a mindful minute possible in your workplace?