Gratitude As A Path To Dissolve Financial Scarcity

Good day!  In gratitude for your attention :)  This month, an eclectic mix of finance and gratitude, more on skillful feedback, a book review, and an interview.  Wishing you well! Regards, Birju

Gratitude and Financial Scarcity

Lots of stuff out there nowadays on 'financial independence' movement; these folks describing how gratitude practice changed their money relationship, which changed how 'trapped' they felt by professional circumstances. Read Full Story »

What Good Feedback Really Looks Like

How to create conditions for true self-discovery on your team? Here's a bit more about authentic feedback, which allows for people to support each other more deeply and teams to be more in sync over time. Read Full Story »

The Fearless Organization Book Review

A new book that goes deep into psychological safety within organizations. Plenty of lessons to be learned from folks that have been trying this for a long while. Read Full Story »

Social Entrepreneurs Doing Inner Work

An interview of the founder of a lending org responsible for $1B of microloans. He doesn't talk about the company - he talks about his inner work, his vulnerability, and his not knowing. A reminder of the value of self-reflection and lightening our inner load regardless of our work in the world. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Create conditions to offer feedback in a psychologically safe way.  Step one may not be to offer the feedback at all, it could be bringing up the conversation! ... OR, bring a gratitude practice to your consumption!