The Startup Empathy Dilemma

Thank you for your continued interest in how the professional environment can be a context for self discovery.  This months topics - empathy, gratitude, hierarchy of needs, and implicit bias :)  Hope something catches your eye! Regards, Birju

The Startup Empathy Dilemma

Really more of a reflection on what happens when individuals grow in power and wealth. It's a paradox in many ways, and has been covered here before, but this is from a lens of a small company. 2 interesting suggestions - 1) get a therapist; 2) spend time with the least powerful in your organization Read Full Story »

How Gratitude Changes Your Brain

A gratitude practice from my colleagues once saved my job :) While it may take time to manifest, the effects of a gratitude practice are measurable, impactful, and long lasting - not just for you, but your ecology. The kicker as always, knowing it doesn't give the results, that only comes if you actually do the practices :) Read Full Story »

Maslow's Pyramid Was Misread

Everyone learns it in grade school - first comes safety, then food/shelter, and if you're lucky, you'll care about higher level things. Except that's not what the guy behind that theory said. While Maslow isn't the final arbiter on this topic anymore, given his theory is a touchstone in society, this analysis may be helpful to see that he articulated needs to be addressed in parallel (not serially) and not as a pyramid where few reach the top... but that was inconvenient for the powers that be. Read Full Story »

How to Confront Bias Without Alienating People

Implicit bias is a product of unconsciousness, which most everyone I know has to some extent. The issue with unconscious patterns is that shaming them seems to multiple them and push them deeper into the subconscious. FastCompany highlights how sharing from a place of shared values can actually grow a relationship through naming implicit bias. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Lovingly name implicit bias; or setup a gratitude practice in your calendar so you don't forget; or reach out to the least powerful in your community right now, and have a convo.  If you do, drop an email!