The Neuroscience Of What Amazing Communicators Do

Wishing you well!  Thank you for your growing interest in this space - how we evolve ourselves (in thought, speech, action) in the place where many of us spend the bulk of our waking hours.  In gratitude for your most precious resource - your attention. Regards, Birju

The Neuroscience of What Amazing Communicators Do

Folks are using science to study workplace interactions. Here's some of the findings of how we can evolve through conflict interactions. Read Full Story »

How Fearless Organizations Succeed

A summary of 'The Fearless Organization', where Harvard researcher outlines best practices of how groups create psychological safety- the singular prereq for breakthrough innovation. Read Full Story »

The Sharing Economy Was Dead On Arrival

Collectively, we do a great job of building similar but not same concepts. Gandhi was a social entrepreneur! (no he was not) Sharing economy is how we share! (no it is not). This nuanced piece breaks down the components. Read Full Story »

The Surprising Fragility of Corporate Culture

Building a corporate culture takes time, and having it take steps backward does not. This case study describes an example of how quickly things can shift, and how quickly what may seem like a good idea can become unproductive to holistic wealth. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Try one of the communication practices.  What I'll be doing is to put a reminder on my calendar every friday for the next month, outlining what the practices are, so I can reflect on if I was able to put into practice.  Wishing you a wonderful month of practice!