Showing Gratitude Improves Well-Being

Hello all and welcome to 2019!  Wishing you a year of nourishment through self-discovery :)  This month's eclectic mix includes a reflection the value of written thank you notes to the psyche, along with other tidbits - hope it serves you on your journey!  Regards, Birju

Writing Thank You Notes is Pretty Powerful

Not just typing. Not that it benefits just the person receiving. Not that it's a temporary benefit. Worth chewing on :) Read Full Story »

Man-O-Pause and the Performance Trap

Friend of this ecosystem accomplishes much in world where doing is what is valued - and then steps back and asks why self-worth was tied to it. Listen to this TEDTalk on how even 'serving others' can a form of compulsion, and a potential growth pathway. Read Full Story »

Inside the Retreat where Men Access Emotion

Part of me is wondering why I'm putting this essay here at all. Another part of me really values places that are starting to name how culturally difficult it is for many men in western culture to engage with the internal in an authentic way (experiencing feelings, engaging in reflection, being vulnerable, etc). Read Full Story »

The Remarkable Brain Waves of High Level Meditators

Even short bites of daily mindfulness practice, done over time, makes a real difference to our neurology. But what about if we grow the practice? Turns out the benefits grow in logarithmic fashion, and make one reflect on what kind of well-being one wants in life. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Write a thank you note? Meditate more? Experience your feelings? Reflect on how none of what you accomplish or don't accomplish has any connection to how lovable you are (and you're very lovable :)  Until next month...