Making Kindness A Core Tenet Of Your Company

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!  This month's focus is on growing the expression kindness in the workplace.  Also an author interview on the topic of habits, and reflections on how men can shift workplace culture.  Enjoy! Regards, Birju

Making Kindness a Core Tenet of Your Company

The piece worth reflecting on in this HBR piece is not the company behind the work, but the 'how' of the engagement - recognizing that we are all just engaging in relationships, and loving people invites us into greater awareness. Read Full Story »

The Man Trap

The culture of most post-industrial western workplaces are heavily driven by implicit expectations of the lifestyles of the people who fill them. In many cases, that means sacrificing forms of well-being for the health of the company. Here's more on how more people are counteracting that in very concrete ways, from reducing hours worked to culture shifts. There are many ways to get our nose off the grindstone. Read Full Story »

How to Kick Your Bad Habits (and Why its Important)

Author of the new book Atomic Habits is interviewed on the subtleties of habits, and how we can shift from unconsciously playing them out to inviting sense of choicefulness about them. Read Full Story »

Does Mindfulness Meditation Make You Kinder?

GreaterGood invites us to think of meditation as a sort of 'gateway drug' into a world of compassion, kindness, and care. Here is an outline of how that may be happening. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Try out your own kindness challenge in your workplace.  Or even just keep an eye out every day for ways to delight and love people, and see what small things you can do!