Email Incivility

Welcome to fall!  Thanks for your continued engagement with this newsletter - if there are topic areas you'd like to see more of, please reach out and let us know!  This month, some research, a book, a talk, and a business analysis.  Enjoy! Regards, Birju

Email Incivility Has A Ripple Effect on Households

Last year, the average person sent 40 messages a day (for younger folks, >100 txts/day). In all that traffic and low bandwidth, good to keep in mind the ripples our words can have... Read Full Story »

How Business Redefined Happiness

A recent book highlights the role of business entities in integrating the human potential movement as part of economic system. Here, the author is interviewed and describes how culture has played a role in this redefinition. Read Full Story »

Wealth In The Age Of We

Last years Community Capital gathering in Oakland included this talk by Charles Eisenstein. He describes shifts of perspective that can support ourselves personally and collectively, allowing for a feeling of 'being wealthy' in a way that also supports the whole. Read Full Story »

See No Evil

In bringing the practice of compassion to what we buy, the supply chain foils us through the 1000's of hands that any good/service must touch along the way. New approaches are bringing transparency there, with ramifications for how we relate to the marketplace. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Check in with yourself before you write an email!  Particularly when there is any emotional valence (sometimes you might not be aware of it).  Maybe even think about alternative ways of sharing your thoughts beyond email (eg video, call, in-person, etc).