Building Trust Works

Happy summertime!  I'm excited to share these links with you all this month, as the topics are dear to my heart and also more in-depth than traditional weblinks to articles!  Wishing you all a wonderful August! Regards, Birju

Building Trust Works

Founder of one of the most impactful philanthropies in the world (focusing on poverty) reflects on personal and collective transformation. The tagline is 'Why Inner Work for Social Impact.' Read Full Story »

CoCap: Building the WE economy

Some recent recaps of interesting yearly gathering, focusing on growing in consciousness as it relates to our money. Each video worth checking out, especially the Jubilee and Whole Person Economy discussion :) Read Full Story »

Integrating 'new work' and 'inner work'

A write-up from the Well-Being Project. Many of us are focusing on forms of 'new work,' be it digitally-driven, social enterprise, purpose-oriented, wisdom-cultivating, or some integration. This essay explores the intersection of the 'how' with this new and inspiring 'what.' Read Full Story »

How to Be Everything

A recap of a recent book that attempts to frame how a person can exist as a 'integrative self,' with many interests and many places to invite collective evolution, in a workplace paradigm that oftentimes is not built for this. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Reflect on at least one of these readings and come up with a practice that you feel called to try based on the ideas shared.  Set a calendar reminder or another daily ping to support the start of the practice!  And if you find any of the shares here particularly interesting and want to reflect, drop me a note!