Social Innovation From The Inside Out

Welcome and hope you're enjoying your summer!  This month we have a bit more depth on the 'how' of the organizational consciousness transformation process.  Be well! Regards, Birju

Social Innovation from the Inside Out

The head of Organizations Unboard shares in Stanford Review how social innovation often comes more from how groups connect within themselves, not necessarily through impact in broader landscape. Read Full Story »

The Transition from Green to Teal: How to Make it Happen

We have shared here about Reinventing Organizations, this essay breaks down further the journey from a 'Green' organization to a 'Teal' one - oftentimes one of the most difficult group shifts possible. Read Full Story »

What Does a Compassionate Workplace Look Like?

A conversation with the author of The Compassionate Workplace about suffering, empathy, and kindness at work. Powerful commentary at the end regarding how compassion brings awareness to reactivity and implicit bias. Read Full Story »

Resources for Self-Care

Rockwood Leadership Institute's toolkit for self-care. In a societal system that has institutionalized burnout, this list offers different approaches to renewal. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Practice 'inscaping' - bring inner-orientation to your next conversation regarding team strategy or feedback or even any normal meeting.  If it helps, try sharing the article with your team beforehand!