Without Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Doesn't Work

Good day and hope you're enjoying the unofficial start to summer!  This month we share an eclectic bunch of stories, and in one case a whole list of stories :)  We hope you enjoy! Regards, Birju

Without Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Doesn't Work

Mindfulness is kind of ubiquitous at this stage :) And yet, that practice in isolation doesn't seem to support a transformative process. Here, HBR (and Daniel Goleman) share the importance of biz practices in compassion, conflict mgt, and communication, along with mindfulness, to support the transformative process. Read Full Story »

Activism in the Realm of Money & Power

A reflection on what it means to use money as a tool for service from the perspective of RSF Social Finance's Integrated Capital Institute faculty. They are pioneering the idea of 'financial activism,' unlocking human development through creative uses of capital. Read Full Story »

Anti-Hero: The Hidden Revolution in Leadership

RSA report that shares findings of how developmental psychology shows the possibility of a new type of leader emerging at this stage of societal development. The anti-hero creates change through transcending traditional heroic virtues, whose impact is often unnoticed and yet vital. Read Full Story »

Conscious Company Media Article List

The new quarterly, Conscious Company, shares perspectives from the 'Conscious Capitalism' movement. Here's their archives of stories related to personal development, which have some overlap to the idea of a transformative workplace. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Be an anti-hero and use your business setting to 'plant a tree under whose shade you are unlikely to sit.'  If you want to go deeper, check out ServiceSpace's offering on the topic: Laddership.org.  If you do have a practice, please do share!