Consciousness Hacking

Welcome to Work+T!  This month you'll find stories on utilizing technology on the path to inner development, the perils of the workplace, and experimental approaches in a couple organizations around community and mindfulness.  We hope you find value!   Regards, Birju

Latest Silicon Valley Trend: Consciousness Hacking

Wired Magazine goes into the topic of inner development through technology. Of interest is that the approaches here are not driven by ad dollars or number of users, and the kinds of solutions coming up reflect more expansive possibilities. Read Full Story »

The Workplace is Killing People and Nobody Cares

Stanford reviews one of their professors new books, Dying for a Paycheck. In it, a quantification of the number of deaths related to the psychological and physical toll of the modern workplace. A direct consequence of disconnection amongst some of our most time-heavy relationships. Read Full Story »

Judy Wicks' 'Not Shark Tank'

We've shared about Judy Wicks and her amazing Cafe before, now the local paper dives into how she uses that cafe during off-hours to bankroll the next generation of kind-hearted businesses. Read Full Story »

Lessons from a Mindful Emergency Room

Greater Good highlights the experiences of an emergency physician bringing in well-being practices into some of the most chaotic 'business' spaces (yes, nowadays that's what hospitals tend to be). Lessons turn out to be applicable quite broadly. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Reduce the psychological or physical toll of someone that you work with.  First step there is connecting with someone in your workplace, then identifying what may be weighing on them, and finally doing something small to communicate non-verbally that you have an intention to help.  If you have any stories of this, please share!