Your First Thought Is Rarely Your Best

Good day!  This month we focus on thought pieces shedding light on self-knowledge through understanding ones tendencies.  I would call this a form of 'psychospiritual' development, super valuable in developing within the petri dish of the workplace :)  Wishing you a joyful springtime!  Regards, Birju

Your First Thought is Rarely Your Best Thought

Farnam Street blog talking about slowing down in order to speed up. Of course, the goal here is to maximize shareholder value, but we have to start somewhere! One insight shared of particular interest for the overscheduled - putting time on the calendar just for thinking. Read Full Story »

What Bosses Gain by Being Vulnerable

Stanford compassion researchers now getting prominent position in Harvard Business Review :) In a world that is increasingly flatter, quickly becoming that we can't afford NOT to be vulnerable. Read Full Story »

The Authenticity Paradox

Fantastic reflection on the nuance of authenticity. People tend to stop being authentic due to it hurting others or reflecting poorly on themselves, this HBR recap goes into that insight to develop a path to greater authenticity through self-discovery. Read Full Story »

People Don't Actually Know Themselves Very Well

Our favorite, Adam Grant, writing in The Atlantic about personal blind spots and how our colleagues are in some ways best situated to help us see them and work on them (better than friends, family, etc). In that way, a workplace can actually start to be a sacred community, aiding in human development. The question is if we are open to that??? Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Seek genuine feedback this week.  Reach out to someone who knows you in the 'sweet spot' of distance.  Ask for some time together.  Ask the hard question of how you are seen.  Make it safe to tell the truth (harder than it sounds!).  Commit to diving deeper into nuance.  In gratitude, and until next month...