How Projects Shape Our Personalities

Welcome to Work+T!  This month covers a range of topics, again all touching on how the inner landscape of development plays a key role in the workplace.  Wishing you meaningful projects, no burnout, embodied emotions, allowing for mindful work! Regards, Birju

How Projects Shape Our Personalities

Many of us believe there are two driving forces behind the person known as "you" - nature and nurture. But according to personality and motivational psychologist Brian Little, there's a third: projects. Ideas at TED breaks down how to harness this significant part of life on the evolutionary journey. Read Full Story »

Why Nonprofits have a Burnout Problem

Nonprofits can do amazing work where markets can't add value. Yet, why are there so many burnouts from that sector? Turns out what you do and how you do it aren't necessarily correlated. This essay dives deeper to understand how it happens, and a pathway in a different direction. Read Full Story »

How Many Different Human Emotions Are There?

How many do you notice in yourself? Research is showing 27 distinct flavors (not counting mix'n'match!) Something to consider, as servant leaders continue to point to the importance of inner skills, that these emotions may offer insight rather than something to be discarded. Read Full Story »

'Mindful Work' as Path to Evolve Corporate Culture

An excerpt from David Gelles' recent book. A business man willing to slow down enough to really eat a raisin, and along the way discovers how to become aware of emotion in himself and others, recognize impulse, and maintain executive function when feeling reactive. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Write down a list of your personal projects - not just the one's your bosses have on your plate.  Come up with a system to track them, as well as a way to reflect on them regularly to see if they can be evolved.  Master the inner skills!