What Self-Awareness Is (and How To Cultivate It)

Welcome to Work+T!  This month, we check out some examples of 'main stream' companies doing decidedly 'unmainstream' things - it's not just the small gems pushing boundaries!  And we again dive into the inner landscape as it applies to being at work.  Enjoy! Regards, Birju

REI: Audacious Sacrifice, Incredible Payoff

How can a business head in a different direction from a tide that seems to pull everyone? Here's the story of how one company, REI, decided to buck the trend of Black Friday... Read Full Story »

Doing Right By Workers: A New Success Definition

When we talk about 'conscious businesses,' we don't usually talk about dry topics such as ownership and governance. And yet, these are areas where designs ripple out and change everything downstream. Here's examples of a couple companies that are 100% employee owned, and use a 'constitution' of operating principles to guide action. Read Full Story »

What is Self-Awareness?

Harvard Business Review with an in-depth analysis of different types of self-awareness, their benefits/drawbacks, and ways to apply them in your own work context. I especially liked the 2x2 matrix! Read Full Story »

What Neuroscience is Learning from Buddhism, and Teaching the Rest of Us

The Atlantic brings together a leading scientist and lifelong monk dialogue about what the 2 modalities are sharing with broader society. Much like architects and city planners, turns out we are building cities in our brain - and what we build has major ramifications for our work and life... Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Think of one person who has seen you interact broadly and during emotional times.  Seek their open-ended feedback; create an environment for them to share with you what they see, how you are perceived, and steps you may take to continue to grow.  Make sure to end the conversation by playing back what you heard and sharing your gratitude (nothing further!)  Any reflections welcome if you try!