Good day and happy holiday season!  This month, we focus on a couple stories asking the question about transformative business and culture practices that leave much to be desired... as well as some possibilities for the next step. Regards, Birju

Mindfulness: Capitalist Tool or Path to Enlightenment?

Wired magazine looks at the mindfulness phenomenon in business, and asks the question of it's connection to underlying systems. How can mindfulness work in business if the purpose of all business activities are to maximize shareholder value... and shareholder value is not always aligned with stakeholder value? Read Full Story »

Inside the Revolution at Etsy

NYTimes with a piece on how one of the largest Benefit Corporations in existence ceased being a Benefit Corporation. The pathway there? the financial system it agreed to abide by. Read Full Story »

Valuing Money... And It's Effect on Happiness

There are many ways to measure wealth (money, culture, time), and many ways to think about it (eg, stores, flows, collectives). Here, Greater Good discusses the psychological impact on the store of money, along with a contrast to relationships as another form of wealth. Read Full Story »

Trust-based Lending Transforming Supply Chains

Triple Pundit highlights stories from RSF Social Finance, blurring the line between money transactions and money relationships. Living in the uncomfortable space of trust-first, and finding a path towards 'real' wealth-building as relationship strength blossoms. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Reflect on the forms of wealth that you maintain in your awareness with that 'tape in your head.'  What forms are there?  Is it about stores, flows, otherwise?  What would you like to expand the scope to?  What is one small but repeatable way you can start building a bigger picture in that 'tape'?  Wishing you all many forms of immense wealth in this holiday season!