The Joyful Economy

Welcome to Work+T!  This month we look at a conception of economy based on joy; dive into the nuances of values-aligned livelihood; explore the neuroscience of talking; and recap an interesting interview.  Wishing you a joyful start to fall :) Regards, Birju

The Joyful Economy

For those systems thinkers out there, visionary Gus Speth includes his take for a big picture framework that is driven by a new 'American Dream.' Read more for the details. Read Full Story »

Questions on Right Livelihood

A few dozen people in ServiceSpace world got together a few months ago for a virtual dialogue on right livelihood. The fruits were meaningful enough to be written about afterwards, including many gems that you might also appreciate! Read Full Story »

Your Brain on Communication

Researcher Uri Hasson's TEDtalk on how our brains sync up (or don't) when we talk. Turns out we can literally rewire others brains just by flapping our tongues in the right way :) Read Full Story »

Age of We Need Each Other

A few months ago, Charles Eisenstein was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for her weekly program. Charles wrote a follow-up blog on the unlikely nature of this occurrence and what it may be signaling. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Tell a story this week to someone in your circle.  Play with the possibilities, but look to highlight your highest values.  Perhaps the feedback can be helpful as you iterate!