Emotional Granularity

Happy Summer Friday!  In this month's Work+Transformation, we focus on the transformative aspects of emotion literacy, whether its in senior leadership or how we handle our off-times.  Turning emotional capacity into a practice can be a core practice in transforming the workplace to that of deeper well-being and compassion. Regards, Birju

Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite

So, it turns out that people's facial expressions are not able to clearly indicate their feeling state, it's way more nuanced than that. Read on for Nautilus' take on how research is discovering emotional granularity. Read Full Story »

How Emotionally Intelligent CEOs Handle Power

It's not easy to be in a place of power and privilege in organization and remain steadfastly focused on inner work. HBR outlines an example of that playing out in real life, along with a few questions to keep asking oneself. Read Full Story »

Most Important Decision based on Neuroscience

Whatever is your driving factor in life, how will you get there? According to one researcher, the data is clear - it's the company you keep. Business Insider outlines how the decisions on who one spends time with can drive one's path of evolution. Read Full Story »

How Gratitude in Healthcare Changes Outcomes

Gratitude in healthcare can be deemed a sort of 'emotional labor.' In a rationally-driven field, this could be seen as nice but not essential, until there is research showing how shifts in mindset and micro-behaviors make a difference in neurology and health outcomes. Read more on Greater Good. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Who do you allocate time with?  On the margin, where can you connect with people in your life whose path supports your own direction of evolution?  Reach out to 1 person this week and 'show up' in a way to support that intention.