What Power Does To The Brain

Welcome to Work+Transformation!  We hope you're enjoying the season!  This month we highlight rudeness, power, and taking energy ... of course we also highlight how to flip it around :)  Wishing you all well! Regards, Birju

How Rudeness Stops People from Working Together

HBR showing how there is now research showing the drop in productivity in different industries related to incivility. Now, in my past I've had a chair thrown at me in the workplace, but here we are just talking about the impact of words! What it boils down to? Psychological safety. Read Full Story »

Frederic Laloux on LIFT Economy

We've shared Laloux's work in the past, in the form of his book Reinventing Organizations. Here he is interviewed by LIFT Economy on his broader work and offers more examples on what he has seen work to evolve businesses. Read Full Story »

What Power Does to the Brain

The Atlantic highlights recent research showing how simply feeling powerful leads to mental impairment specifically in areas of empathy and reading others. But there is hope for those of us in positional power, practices that can mitigate the impairment... Read Full Story »

Are you a Giver or a Taker?

Best selling author and professor Adam Grant's latest TEDtalk. He shares specific examples from businesses that work to create a culture of generosity - along with the skillfulness to keep the 'takers' from overrunning the process. Read Full Story »

Be the Change

Bring your awareness to rudeness in your workplace.  See if a discussion can be had on how to compassionately bring it up if it happens, so that courage can be employed to name what may be consistently hampering the shared intentions of the group.